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Re.The Mahatma Letters.

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  • brianmuehlbach
    leonmaurer wrote: less and less sense to anyone who can THINK. Brian: An intelligent Theosophists who long left this list although (in spite of him not being
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 14, 2002
      leonmaurer wrote: less and less sense to anyone who can THINK.

      Brian: An intelligent Theosophists who long left this list although (in spite
      of him not being on Theos talk) you keep addressing postings to him,
      Jerry, wrote me once on the list where he "really" is: "talking to Leon
      Maurer is like talking to a brick wall, but a prickly one."

      Seeing your post today, I must say Jerry Schueler is right.

      As for "credentials", I know they say yours are close to zero.

      Bhakti Anada Goswhami , I only know him from his letters, made an
      intelligent impression on me. As for his credentials, I looked them up ,
      see below.

      Reading it reminds me , after he left this list due to receiving only
      nitpikkers post , I really should write him and ask to come back to write
      the "Mahatma Letter" commentary he mentioned he might write at first.

      He lives in India, an before becoming disabled by post-polio-syndrome,
      he lectured in the USA and overseas. He was the Mainland USA
      Delegate to the 1982 academic and religious World Hindu Conference co-
      sponsored by the Governments of Tamil Nadu India and Sri Lanka, and
      held at the Summit of Non-Aligned Nations in Sri Lanka.

      While still on his college-contracted independent study tour, he was
      invited by the Prime Minister of Nepal Nagendra Prasad Rijal, to sit on
      the Executive Committee of the World Hindu Organization,
      under the Patronage of King Birendra. And he worked on the
      Organization's Nepal International Zone of Peace and Nuclear Non-
      proliferation Non Governmental Organization platforms for the United

      He completed the oral presentation of his interdisciplinary extended
      master's degree in the history of religion, comparative religion and
      theology in the USA. However, he was hospitalized on a respirator
      before he could complete the publication of his Thesis and obtain his

      In 1993, he was a Sponsor and Presenter at the Centennial World
      Parliament of Religions in Chicago, USA. And in 2000, he gave a West
      Coast L.A. County Museum Tour and Lecture series on Egyptian, Greek,
      Jewish and Vaishnava connections in the pre-Christian Era. And
      organized an exhibit tour at the L.A. County Museum "Pharaohs of the
      Sun" Exhibit.

      He was invited to present two papers on the subject of ancient
      Vaishnava and Afro-Helleno-Semitic, Shaivite and Buddhist connections
      at the major World Association for Vedic Studies academic conference
      held at the Stevens Institute of Technology in late 2000, he recieved
      and actual ovation after his presentation, and not a single scholar could
      challenge either his evidence or his conclusions. There was a full-page
      article in the News-India Times about this.

      He gave up to a half-hour long, RBC Radio in India on such Days and
      Festivals as Maha Kumba Mela, Durga Puja, and Gita Jayanti to hundreds
      of thousands listeners.

      But due to polio muscle exhaustion, after his demanding two week West
      Coast Tour, he lost his ability to produce a voice for several months. But
      he next do an East Coast tour that began by presenting two of his
      papers at the WAVES conference, followed by a two weeks tour.

      Last week his personal assistant (his daughter) wrote that it is unlikely
      that he will be able to attend the upcoming , World Association for Vedic
      Studies, he is currently also not able to do radio programs, and suffers
      periodic central vision loss.

      But he is not "made up" as you ,leonmaurer@a. claim, he is a real

      --- In theos-talk@y..., leonmaurer@a... wrote:

      > >Brian : I posted clearly WHY the letters where typed in
      > >all caps, I decided to do the most fair I could think of , give this
      > obviously expert person, a voice. Without compromising his the
      identity. > >Also Ars Inquisitor Daniel C. Caldwell showed not to be
      capable to address ANY of the issuis brought up by B.A.G. Meaning one
      must conclude Daniel C. Caldwell must really know he is defending a
      cococted fake in case of The Mahatma letters. In any case since
      B.A.G .has come forward and identified himself, I have placed two of
      his letters On-line:
      > >
      > > http://mailbox.univie.ac.at/~muehleb9/lettersed.html
      > >
      > > http://mailbox.univie.ac.at/~muehleb9/resp.html
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