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Part 4 of Dallas's "LAWS."

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  • bri_mue
    Dallas s reincaration as an out of body claim. Bilocations is a myth, but out-of-body experiences or OBE s are very real and there not the slightest reason
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2002
      Dallas's reincaration as an out of body claim.

      Bilocations is a myth, but out-of-body experiences or OBE's are very
      real and there not the slightest reason why a person who rejects the
      theory of the astral body should deny their reality. And the same
      counts for "remote" viewing.

      There is surely no question that many people in many countries at
      many different times have had such experiences. These experiences
      have certain common features: the individual can travel at enormous
      speed, he can penetrate material objects like walls, roofs, and human
      bodies as if these were not there, and he is not noticed by others.
      The last does not of course apply to bilocations, but I am
      disregarding these here. Certain further characteristics asserted to
      belong to all OBEs, both by Dr. Crookall and other astral theorists,
      are not in fact universal. The most important of these is the
      observation by a person of his second or duplicate body.

      Celia Green in her book "Out of body Experiences"(1968) reports many
      cases in which the person perceived himself as a blob or globe, a
      flare or a point of light, or in which he simply "looks" at his
      original body and has no sense of possessing another one in the place
      from which he is looking. Some astral travelers have reported seeing
      an extremely elastic silver cord connecting the astral body to the
      sleeping physical body. It is also the belief of many astral
      theorists that, if the silver cord or "astral cable" is broken, the
      person must die. When a person dies, the cord breaks and this enables
      the astral body to leave for other regions.

      The supposed universality of the observation of the silver cord
      during OBEs has frequently been cited as conclusive evidence that
      they cannot be hallucinations. For this reason it should be
      emphasized that many reports of OBEs are on record without mention of
      a silver cord or, for that matter, any connecting link. Dr.
      KiiblerRoss, who also reported on the subject has not once reported
      seeing such a cord.

      Many of Celia Green's subjects do not report such a cord, and no
      astral cable appears in many of the OBEs reported in other cultures.
      Needless confusion has been produced by an ambiguous use of the
      phrase "astral projection." In one innocent sense it just means the
      same as OBE, and in this sense a person who denies the existence of
      the astral body does not deny the existence of astral projections; he
      objects to one particular explanation or interpretation of astral
      projections. Often, however, the term has been used to refer to the
      separation of the astral from the physical body, and of course in
      this sense, but only in this sense, an opponent of an astral body
      must deny the reality of astral projections.

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