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Continued conscious existence

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  • Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti
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                                                       Continued conscious existence

      In an article published in The Banner of Light (Oct. 18th, 1879) Madame Blavatsky wrote thus:

      “A Hindu, whether an erudite scholar and philosopher or an ignorant idolater, does not believe in ‘continued conscious existence’, though the former assigns for the holy, sinless soul, which has reached Svarga (heaven) and Moksha, a period of many millions and quadrillions of years, extending from one Pralaya to the next. The Hindu believes in cyclic transmigration of the soul, during which there must be periods when the soul loses its recollections as well as the consciousness of its individuality; since, if it were otherwise, every person would distinctly remember all his previous existences, which is not the case. Hindu Philosophers are likewise consistent with logic. They at least will not allow an endless eternity of either reward or punishment for a few dozens of years of earthly life, whether this life be wholly blameless or yet wholly sinful.”                                     [A Modern Panarion, p.218]

      Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

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