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Re: theos-talk Olcott Memorial School

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  • M. Sufilight
    Yes, of course you have a point there. My views are however: But, primary education aught never to be sectarian (in the sense I shortly formulated in my
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      Yes, of course you have a point there.

      My views are however:
      But, primary education aught never to be sectarian (in the sense I shortly formulated in my previous post in this thread) and aught clearly to formulate itself in opposition to it.
      Just like the Theisophical Society aught to give more emphasis - than it does today - on what the actual difference between the terms sectarian and non-sectarian is.

      If you would like to teach children anything, then begin with the ethical science of psychology - and - include also if possible thereby the ethical science of transcendental psychology - as a science, not a belief. - Follow the Golden Rule found in numerous religions and worldviews: "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself" - especially also organizationally speaking - else - you will begin from the wrong end of the ladder so to speak. Well as I see it. I do hope you understand what I intend to say.

      One aught to tell the children, that they are not in this school so to be taught Orthodox Theosophy - based on the outlet of the 13 prominent personalities given on the TS Adyar website (Annie Besant, Leadbeater, Krishnamurti and others included). Because this is, as I see it, to begin from the wrong end of reality.

      Learning about scientific psychological ethics (ie. the difference between sectarian and non-sectarian activity - and ethics as such - humanistic values - and the Golden Rule - if you like) aught to be taught before mere brain teaching like maths, language, geometry, geography etc., etc. To me this is obvious, to others it seem not to be so.

      The term "social sciences" on the page in mention aught therefore also to be much more clearly explained.

      I do hope you understand, what my intention is, and why I give it emphais like I do.

      But all these are of course merely my views. And I might of course be wrong in having them.
      And I will gladly know why, if it is seen to be so.

      M. Sufilight

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      > What I am missing is - a presentation on the fact that the children
      > learn the difference between non-sectarian and sectarian in a

      It should be make clear that it's a school for the poorest children, often belonging to lower castes, like fishermen, many of whom live in favelas. So the main purport of the school is to give them primary education, to teach them read, write, etc., what will emable them to raise a little higher above their environment and find a better job.

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