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Past and Present SECRECY in The Theosophical Society - Convention year 2012

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  • M. Sufilight
    A few views... Now there is (or has been) the yearly Convention at the Theosophical Society in HQ in Adyar - December year 2012. The below articles and texts
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      A few views...

      Now there is (or has been) the yearly Convention at the Theosophical Society in HQ in Adyar - December year 2012.

      The below articles and texts was posted by me here at Theos-Talk forum, November 27th, 2012 - with regard to SECRECY and the Theosophical Society.

      No response came of it at that time. I will throw them again since the word - "SECRECY" seems to continuously creep forward...these days at our forum...and also in the Adyar camp...and elsewhere.

      And I wonder still no - real - response to the below excerpts from the old articles in the Theosophist magazine and elsewhwere? Articles which for a long time now have been officially known or at least easily accessible by the Administrators in TS Adyar and TS branches around the globe....

      Do the TS administration follow the same line of thought today year 2012?
      I wonder....?

      These excerpts in the below - and in fact the full info in the texts and articles - aught to be at everyones heart - if they consider Altruism important to promote in the TS. That is my humble view.

      Let the Seekers after Altruism - and - Seekers after Unveiled Secrecy read them....
      And may the Unveiled Isis protect us all....as they say in Egypt.



      A few related (maybe related) views...

      I just came across a few interesting articles given in the Blavatsky Collected Writtings...
      They might be helpful to consider at the upcoming Convernt in Adyar...

      I have thrown the excerpts where the articles touch upon "secrecy" and "secrecy" of the Theosophical Society...
      So how secret do we get?

      *** 1***
      WHAT IS THEOSOPHY? --- written1880
      "You tell us that the reason compelling you to decline the honor of joining us—with several other persons of your learned society—is “Esotericism set up as a principle” in our statutes?

      Allow me to say that you are making a mistake.

      It is true that a wholly esoteric section exists in our Society; but it is only a section, a very tiny part of the society which would perhaps be best defined if I call it at the outset—not only the trunk of the Theosophical tree or its seed—because it is to that section that our whole Society owes its origin—but the vivifying sap that makes it live and flourish. Without this section, composed solely of Oriental adepts, the Theosophical Society, whose ramifications are beginning to cover the five regions of the globe, would be nothing but a dead and sterile body, a corpse without a soul. And yet the Theosophists who have been admitted therein up to this time could be reckoned on the fingers of one hand. Admission is not by asking. As for the rest of the Theosophists, with the exception of the passwords and signs that are changed at every expulsion of a bad and false brother—there are no secrets to preserve and nothing to conceal."

      *** 2 ***

      THE CHOSEN “VESSELS OF ELECTION” --- written 1883 in the Theosophist:
      " The Theosophical Society “representing no religious creed, being entirely unsectarian and including professors of all faiths,” there is a vast choice in it for one who would learn something new besides the merely personal fancies of one of its founders. But, since the present question involves but the responsibility of the editor of this magazine, perhaps, the “friends and admirers” may derive some consolation in their “pain” upon being assured that the said editor is only doing a duty in exposing and showing in its true light one of the most coolly impudent and absurd claims of this age—that of proclaiming oneself, upon one’s own authority, and with no better warrant than blind faith—the chosen vessel of election, the direct mouthpiece of God!"
      "Therefore, our Brotherhood being possible only when men are gradually made to rise above any personal ambition and that narrow-minded sectarianism that dwarfs the area of their mental vision and, keeping man aloof from man, gives birth only to a host of Cains pouncing upon the weaker Abels—it becomes the imperative duty of us, who are the professed leaders and pioneers of the movement, to smooth the path for those who may succeed us in our work. Tolerant of everything, in every other respect we are uncompromisingly intolerant of Intolerance and aggression.
      Such is our programme and the simple secret of our apparent inconsistency which has appeared strange and unaccountable even to your (our) warmest friends, i.e., that rejecting of the religion of Christ alone as worthless, accepting every other system under the sun as deserving of study."

      *** 3 ***

      [Banner of Light, Vol. XLI, No. 4, April 21, 1877, p. 8]
      "At a meeting of the Theosophical Society, held this day, the statement having been read from a London journal that D. D. Home, the medium, will devote some portion of his forthcoming work to “The Theosophical Society; its vain quest for sylphs and gnomes,” and other matters pertaining to the organization, a committee was appointed to make known the following facts:

      1. The Theosophical Society has been from the first a secret organization.

      2. The communication of any particulars as to its affairs, except by direct authority, would be a dishonorable act.

      3. The medium in question cannot possibly have any knowledge of these matters, except from persons who have long ceased to be members, and have violated their obligations, or persons discredited and disgraced at a very early period in the history of the Society. Therefore, whatever statements he may publish cannot be relied upon or verified.

      Whether this Society, or sections, or individual members have seen “Elementary” or other spirits at its meetings, concerns themselves alone. They will act as judges themselves when any phenomena have occurred that are suitable to give to the public. That magical phenomena do sometimes happen in presence of members of the Society when strangers can witness them, may be inferred from the editorial description which appeared in the New York World of Monday last.

      The Theosophical Society is quietly prosecuting those subjects which interest the members, careful to neither infringe upon any person’s rights nor to transcend its own legitimate field. In advance, therefore, of an authoritative report of its own doings, it is unprofitable to pass judgement upon biased inferences made by third parties upon the allegations either of those who do not know the truth, or such as by an act of treachery have proved themselves incapable of speaking it.

      H. S. OLCOTT, President.
      R. B. WESTBROOK, D.D., Vice Pres.
      PROF. ALEX. WILDER, M.D., Vice Pres.
      H. P. BLAVATSKY, Cor. Sec.
      G. L. DITSON, M.D.
      H. J. BILLING,
      M.D. L. M. MARQUETTE, M.D.
      W. Q. JUDGE (Counsel).
      H. D. MONACHESI.
      J. F. OLIVER."

      *** 4 ***
      Written in 1876 by Blavatsky:
      "As for the Theosophical Society, our present experience with a certain person, who shall be nameless since his conduct has been such as to forfeit his right to recognition, has been a lesson that we mean to profit by. We are considering a proposition to organize ourselves into a secret society* so that we may pursue our studies uninterrupted by the falsehoods and inpertinences of outside parties. "
      "Till the row with Sotheran the Society was not a secret one, as will be seen by this. But he began to revile our experiments & denounce us to Spiritualists & impede the Society’s progress & it was found necessary to make it secret. "

      "III. At first it was an open body, but, later, it was reorganized on the principle of secrecy, experience having demonstrated the advisability of such a change. "

      *** 5 ***

      In the published Constitution and Rules great stress is laid upon the absolutely non-sectarian character of the Society. It is constantly insisted upon that it has no creed, no philosophy, no religion, no dogmas, and even no special views of its own to advocate, still less to impose on its members. And yet—
      “Why, bless us! is it not as undeniable a fact that certain very definite views of a philosophic and, strictly speaking, of a religious character are held by the Founders and most prominent members of the Society?”
      “Verily so,” we answer. "But where is the alleged contradiction in this? Neither the Founders, nor the 'most prominent members nor yet the majority thereof, constitute the Society, but only a certain portion of it, which, moreover, having no creed as a body, yet allows its members to believe as and what they please.” In answer to this, we are told:—
      “Very true; yet these doctrines are collectively called ‘Theosophy.’ What is your explanation of this?”
      We reply:—“To call them so is a ‘collective’ mistake; one of those loose applications of terms to things that ought to be more carefully defined; and the neglect of members to do so is now bearing its fruits. In fact it is an oversight as harmful as that which followed the confusion of the two terms ‘buddhism’ and ‘budhism,’ leading the Wisdom philosophy to be mistaken for the religion of Buddha.”..."

      *** 6 ***

      A ROMAN CATHOLIC SAINT AT GÔA – written 1884:
      "The Theosophical Society is no secret society, she invites everybody to investigate her doctrines. "
      --- http://www.katinkahesselink.net/blavatsky/articles/v6/y1884_035.htm

      Secrecy or no secrecy - that seem to be the question?
      Maybe semi-secret is the proper word to use?


      But the Exoteric part of the Theosophical Society (with its three Sections - two of them being secret) was never a creed forwarding one single doctrine only based on either Blavatsky's or some Himalayan Masters views. Or for instance Krishnamurti, or Besant, or Leadbeater, or other prominents or eminent "personalities" so-called.

      The Theosophical Society was clearly an ABSOLUTELY NON-SECTARIAN Society - based on seeking unprejudiced scientific research - with the science of exact psychology (of course transcendental psychology and anti-cult psychology included --- although these science vital to altruism seem to be down-watered heavily these days in many theosphical groups) at its base together with promulgation of altruism. And aught to have clearly remained so ---- although I still have a some few doubts about whether its members give this fact due emphsis today...

      Now- it has become increasingly secretive it seems...And no official reaction on dispelling it seems to be in the air. And despite memberships are in decline at the TS - we now also find that quite a number of those who seek to become members - are DISALLOWED - or the proces takes SEVERAL YEARS to fall into place - and that the individual might have even died before a decision is reached....At most other organizations - things operate - no doubt - much more fast and more wisely.

      One wonders what kind of Altruism - the TS Adyar Administration - are seeking to promote - by such a stance on - Secrecy as we have it today year 2012?
      Is it a strategy called - "Organizations are a Pathless land" and need to be demolished - and Unity is not strength any longer - each to his or her own Sectarian view?

      Well forgieve me for asking a few questions. You can of course always remain silent and secretive...business as usual as some say.

      Sorry if I disturb anyone, or if my English is difficult to read.

      M. Sufilight

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