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Adyar membership .

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  • bri_mue
    Adelasie: Give it time. It will catch on. Given the fact that the last 80 years membership dropped by around 70% or more, and given the fact that most
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2002
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      Adelasie: "Give it time. It will catch on."

      Given the fact that the last 80 years membership dropped by around
      70% or more, and given the fact that most Theosophists are not
      willing to even have an honest look at Blavatsky's sources or the
      true history of the TS, this is verry unlikelly.
      And total oblivion, if not a major turnaround happens, is a more
      logical outcome given the current pattern of ant-rattionalism
      including for example on this list.

      "The eyes of an accurate thinker sees facts, truth and reality, not
      mayas, glamors and illusions."
      Blavatsky asked by Moncure Daniel Conway one of the most respected
      men in the US that time wrote upon visiting Blavatsky in Adyar India;

      "She asked what was my particular proposal or desire. I said, "I wish
      to find out something about the strange performances attributed to
      you. I hear of your drawing teapots from under your chair, taking
      brooches out of flowers, and of other miracles. If such things really
      occur I desire to know it, and to give a testimony to my people in
      London in favour of Theosophy. What does it all mean?"

      She said with a serene smile, "I will tell you, because you are a
      public teacher [here she added some flattery], and you ought to know
      the truth; it is all glamour - people think they see what they do not
      see - that is the whole of it."

      It was impossible not to admire the art of this confession. Mme.
      Blavatsky, forewarned by Professor John Smith of my intended
      investigation, had arranged precisely the one maneuver that could
      thwart it. Had I continued it, cross-examining her adherents,
      proposing plans for verification, I might have awakened doubts and
      suspicions among her "neophytes." But she spiked my guns; her
      confession was made without witnesses, and should I use it publicly
      it was easy enough to say I had misunderstood her. And moreover she
      had used the vague word "glamour," which might preserve her personal
      throne while giving up the reality of the things attested by her



      In 1928 World population was at 2 milliard people, the TS at 45.000.

      In 1980 world population was at 4.5 milliard people, TS at 34.391
      according to Gregory Tillet?s figures.

      That is a loss in compairance of 66% of TS membership during this
      period of time.

      If membership since 1980 went up according to the rise in world
      population since then wich has again been considerable, the the ?66%
      would remain stable, if membership did not sufficiently go up, the
      the 66% would have become more since 1980.

      I also attempted to figure out how much of the total world population
      Theosophists made up, but I came up with only a fraction of (much
      less then) 1% of the world population that after 150 years are
      Theosophists.Wich is rather remarkable if one considers that theirs
      is the religion of all religions, why after 150 years and a library
      full of books that have been written on it with at least one or the
      other translated in about all languages of the world, did hardly
      any body catched on to the claimed facts ?

      I also aquired some figures from the UK but these are even more
      deppressive if taken for itself so I left them out because according
      to these it would be much worser then –66%, namely in just 7
      years time from 1928, 5,170 members in 1935 there where only 3,520,
      and has since dropped much more dramatic, checking it with world
      population in 1928 versus 1980.
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