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Jakes Quotes Boris DeZirkoff on Later Instructions

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  • danielhcaldwell
    Jake, You quote Mr. de Zirkoff as follows. My own comments are found AFTER these quotations. ===================================================== Zirkoff in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2007

      You quote Mr. de Zirkoff as follows. My own comments are
      found AFTER these quotations.

      Zirkoff in his introduction to
      these ES Instructions, also casts
      doubt on the veracity of everything
      in them (as they were published after
      HPB's death.) He writes on BCW XII, p. 653:

      "[E. S. Instructions I, II and III are the actual words of H.P.B.
      They are therefore genuine texts, the authorship of which is not in
      doubt, as originals bearing her signature are extant.

      "This, however, cannot be said about Instructions IV and V, and the
      First Supplementary Paper to Instruction IV. Originally, when printed
      by the H.P.B. Press in London, all the three were signed jointly by
      Annie Besant and William Quan Judge. When printed by the Aryan Press
      in New York, Instruction IV was the only one signed jointly, while the
      other two were signed by W. Q. Judge alone.

      "These later Instructions are based on H.P.B.'s words taken down in
      shorthand and in the form of Notes by some of her students during the
      meetings of the Inner Group in London. The text that has come down to
      us exhibits many uncertainties.

      "We include them in the present Volume with some reservations, even
      though many passages in them are doubtless by H.P.B. herself.


      The description given above does NOT accurately describe the
      situation ESPECIALLY as regards E.S. Instruction No. 4.

      I quote various E.S. documents that can be found in my ESOTERIC
      PAPERS OF MADAME BLAVATSKY <http://esotericpapers.net> .

      In the "Notice" facing the beginning of Instruction No. 4, Mrs. Annie
      Besant writes:

      The matter contained in this Instruction was delivered orally by
      H.P.B. in her Group Teachings of members of the Third Degree. It ...
      was carefully written down by the students at the time, one of the
      number reporting it in shorthand. All the notes thus taken were
      compared, and a fair copy was made by the two Secretaries, Annie
      Besant and George R.S. Mead.

      She goes on to say:

      This copy was again checked by questioning H.P.B. on any point that
      seemed obscure. By her direction the matter was rearranged under
      headings as given below [that is, in the text of Instruction No. 4].


      The above was written around July 1891 only two months after H.P.B.'s

      These statements are confirmed in a number of other E.S. documents,

      For example, "the [E.S. Instruction No. 4] matter" which had been
      "rearranged" under H.P.B.'s DIRECTION was already being typeset for
      publication during H.P.B.'s life.

      In an E.S. document dated in April, 1891, it is stated:

      "[Instruction] No. IV is now going through the press. The new
      Instruction, however, will not be sent to all members of the E.S.,
      but only to those who are judged sufficently advanced to require it."

      And speaking of another E.S. publication to be published, the same
      document goes on to mention Instruction No. 4 again as follows:

      "This cannot, of course, be [done], before No. IV is off the


      Mrs. Alice Cleather ALSO confirms Mrs. Besant's above statements as

      "The I.G. Teachings were given orally by H.P.B. at its meetings in
      1890-91. It was the duty of the two secretaries, Mrs. Besant and Mr.
      Mead, to write these Teachings up, from notes sent in by all of us,
      after each meeting, and record them in a book. This record was dealt
      with at each succeeding meeting, CORRECTED AND OFTEN AMPLIFIED by

      caps added. Quoted from THE ESOTERIC PAPERS OF MADAME BLAVATSKY, p.

      Compare and contrast what I have quoted from these three sources with
      what Mr. de Zirkoff wrote.

      I will deal later with Instruction No. 5, etc.

      In THE ESOTERIC PAPERS OF MADAME BLAVATSKY, I reproduce in facsimile
      the original Instruction No. 4 as signed by both William Judge and
      Annie Besant and issued in the summer of 1891. I also reproduce the
      typescript of the complete Inner Group Teachings. This was also
      printed in the second edition of THE INNER GROUP TEACHINGS [Point
      Loma Publications]. I had given Dr. Spirenburg a copy of this
      valuable complete typescript and co-wrote with him the Historical
      Introduction to this volume.

      Hope the above helps to clarify the true history of these HPB

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