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Frank and the examples of the four lineages: Clarification needed

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  • danielhcaldwell
    Frank, I wrote: ================================================== In the Adyar Theosophical Society, we have the following lineage: Blavatsky - Besant &
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2005

      I wrote:


      In the Adyar Theosophical Society, we have the following lineage:

      Blavatsky -> Besant & Leadbeater -> ????

      In the Point Loma Theosophical Society, the following lineage:

      Blavatsky -> Judge -> Tingley -> de Purucker -> ????

      In the United Lodge of Theosophists:

      Blavatsky -> Judge -> Crosbie -> ????

      In the Arcane School:

      Blavatsky -> Bailey -> ????


      But you write:

      "....each theosophical lineage as each religion has
      something in it that is worth...."

      "....I believe that each lineage has is worth on
      its own plane, so long as the light shines
      above it....

      "...no single lineage - as I here and than wrote on
      theos-talk - has the whole truth and not each
      lineage has the same portion in quantity and
      quality of the uncorrupted original

      But Frank I think you are here changing the "issue" or THE POINT
      under discusssion.

      I was NOT referring to what lineage has "the whole truth" or
      what lineage has the greater "portion" of the "uncorrupted orginal
      teaching" or even the "worth" of each lineage.

      The issue was different.

      Do you believe Besant and Leadbeater were HPB's
      genuine occult successors and that this Adyar lineage (succession)
      therefore is "true and genuine"?

      Or do you believe Crosbie was the real "esoteric" successor
      to Judge? In other words, NOT Tingley and de Purucker? And
      therefore that the ULT lineage is the true and genuine thing?

      Or do you believe Bailey was the next legit messenger after

      Frank, are you saying that you believe ALL these
      3 above mentioned lineages are "true and genuine" in some way?

      Or do you believe that the real occult lineage, succession
      and history was as follows?

      that WQJ was the true occult successor of
      HPB, & Tingley was in turn the chosen "successor" to WQJ, and
      Purucker followed in the "esoteric footsteps" of Tingley?

      Therefore, is my description below so way off base or inaccurate?

      "Frank Reitemeyer is a strong and vocal advocate that promotes the
      Blavatsky-Judge-Tingley-de Purucker line of succession. He has no
      doubt whatsoever that this lineage is the true and genuine one. He
      is equally convinced that Leadbeater was nothing but a "swindler",
      etc. etc."

      Hoping for clarification.

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