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Re: Theos-World The Holocaust

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  • Konstantin Zaitzev
    ... It is not likely that it s all was invented by communists. Really, when living in USSR i ve never heard the word holocaust . The tragedy of the jews was
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 11, 2005
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      >> - In theos-talk@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Reitemeyer" wrote:

      > In one of your links "extermination camps" the concentration camp
      > Auschwitz is labeled as extermination camp, following 60 years of
      > communistic propaganda.

      It is not likely that it's all was invented by communists. Really,
      when living in USSR i've never heard the word "holocaust". The tragedy
      of the jews was never emphasized, for there was some antisemitism
      subtly encouraged by the government. Yet the numbers were recognized.

      It is true that not all the camps were extermination camps; there were
      other working camps not for jews. Here in Russia there are many war
      vets and camp prisoners and as a rule they confirm what official
      sources say.

      There's is another consideration. The regime in USSR wasn't very good,
      as you know, and it was expected that German army would be welcomed by
      a population, for any other rule seemed be better. In some cases in
      the first time it was so, but people very soon realized that there is
      a type of rule even worse than our own. The Germans should be
      extremely cruel to drive our population to such decision.

      > Daniel, do you believe that during WW I 6 million Jews were killed
      by Germans?

      I hear this the first time. Yet I was surprized to know recently that
      the Germans in WW I were almost so cruel as in WW II.

      > Do you also believe that during WW II another 6 million Jews were
      killed by Germans?

      Most probably. There were other nations killed for their nationality,
      the Gipsies, for example. There is no Gipsy lobby and their story is
      less known. It's true that the jews make good business on holocaust,
      but it doesn't cancel the fact itself.

      > of the heavenly Israel down to Earth was a compensation for the
      > Zionists?

      Maybe it was just a part of political plan. USSR was one of the first
      countries which officially admitted Israel as a state. There were
      strong socialist tendencies among the jews, so Stalin hoped that
      Israel shall be new important outpost of communism, but his plans

      > "The State of "Israel" does not represent the voice of Judaism

      Yes, it's true, it's a secular and probably even a fascist project.

      > What is the theosophical position to the physical state of Israel?
      > Does Theosophy support a state of Israel is therefore to be regarded

      I think that theosophy regards all that as materialistic activity
      having no common with true spirituality, the zionists and stisemites
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