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The Theosophy Company statement about Robert Crosbie & William Judge

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  • Daniel H. Caldwell
    In the 1923 edition of The United Lodge of Theosophists: Its Mission and its Future , the Theosophy Company officials wrote: During all the troublous period
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2005
      In the 1923 edition of "The United Lodge
      of Theosophists: Its Mission and its Future",
      the Theosophy Company officials wrote:

      "During all the troublous period 1893-6 Mr. Crosbie
      SHARED to an extent UNKNOWN and UNDREAMT OF by others
      in the burdens and the CONFIDENCE of Mr. Judge." p. 6.
      caps added.

      If one accepts the above statement at face value, what
      are the IMPLICATIONS of the statement?

      It would appear that the writer of the above statement
      wants the reader to believe that Mr. Crosbie was in a
      somewhat unique position. Crosbie shared the
      confidence of Judge to an extent unknown and UNDREAMT
      OF by others.

      OBTW, who are the "others"? Judge's other close
      associates and friends???

      But if indeed Crosbie shared the confidence of Judge
      as described above, then wasn't Crosbie as Judge's
      "confidant" in A GOOD POSITION to know about the true
      relationship between Judge and Tingley?

      Here is what Judge's "confidant" (Robert Crosbie)
      publicly proclaimed on two separate occasions:

      ". . . Katherine Tingley . . . was appointed by
      William Q. Judge as his successor."

      "We feel that he [William Q. Judge] knows of the
      self-sacrificing efforts made by the faithful ones,
      and that those efforts have been called forth by his
      chosen successor [Mrs. Tingley], of whom he said, 'she
      is true as steel, as clear as diamond, and as lasting
      as time.' "

      In this second statement by Crosbie, he quotes Judge
      as saying of Mrs. Tingley:

      "she is true as steel, as clear as diamond, and as
      lasting as time."

      Where did Crosbie obtain this Judge quote about

      Possibly Crosbie either took it from the E.S.T.
      Circular of April 3, 1896 [see
      ]or from one of Judge's diaries.

      Did Crosbie ever see one of Judge's diaries?

      In 1932, Cyrus Field Willard wrote:

      ". . . Robert Crosbie assured me that he [Judge] had
      [designated Katherine Tingely as his successor] and
      [Crosbie] also told me he had seen Judge's occult
      diary in which it was so stated. . . . ."

      ". . . Later Crosbie came to me after he had left
      Point Loma [in 1904] and said that she never had been
      appointed by Judge. I recalled to him that he
      [Crosbie] had said after Judge's death when he
      returned to Boston that he [Judge] had and he denied
      it, and I told him either he was lying then or had
      been lying in Boston. . . . "

      If Crosbie was really Judge's "confidant", is it so
      unreasonable to suppose that Crosbie had also seen
      Judge's diary as Willard claims?

      Crosbie's estimation of Tingley as found in the above
      statements is corroborated by ANOTHER "confidant" and
      close friend of Judge's --- Jasper Niemand.

      Jasper Niemand wrote:

      ". . . the present Outer Head [Mrs. Tingley] has for
      two years past assisted Mr. Judge in the inner work of
      the School as his associate and equal. Some of these
      Councillors were doing important work under her
      directions, and by the order of Mr. Judge, for some
      time before he passed away. . . . For myself, I may
      say that as early as June, 1894, Mr. Judge told me of
      the standing of the present Outer Head in the school,
      and spoke of her work at that time and for the future.
      I am one among several to whom he so spoke himself.
      . . . ."

      Jasper Niemand was the compiler of the two volumes of
      W.Q. Judge's "Letters That Have Helped Me."

      Notice what Jasper wrote:

      "I am one among several to whom he [Judge] so spoke

      In other words, Jasper also SHARED the CONFIDENCE of Mr.

      If Crosbie ALSO shared the confidence of Mr. Judge as
      the Theosophy Company publication asserts then is it
      unreasonable to assume that Crosbie also knew what
      Niemand knew about the relationship between Mr. Judge
      and Mrs. Tingley? Compare Crosbie's statements above
      about Mrs. Tingley with those of Niemand.

      Some food for thought.

      The sources of the quotes found in this email can be
      found at:



      Daniel H. Caldwell
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