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RE: Mars?

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  • W.Dallas TenBroeck
    Apl 8 2005 This might be of interest, also consult SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol. I where Mr. Sinnett s views were corrected.(pp. 162-8) MARS AND MERCURY In the June
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      Apl 8 2005

      This might be of interest, also consult SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol. I where Mr.
      Sinnett's views were corrected.(pp. 162-8)


      In the June PATH there was printed a review of a pamphlet issued by the
      London Lodge T. S., and this magazine may perhaps be construed as committed
      to an approval of everything contained in the pamphlet, although the private
      initials of the reviewer were annexed to the remarks.

      The pamphlet referred to brings up an old dispute which we had thought was
      settled by what is found in The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, running from page
      162 to 168.

      "Gratification of curiosity is the end of knowledge for some men," wrote
      H.P.B.'s teacher, and this curiosity led to a question being put some years
      ago to the Adepts, who furnished the main body of Esoteric Buddhism and all
      the important matter in The Secret Doctrine, in respect to other visible

      The author of Esoteric Buddhism then construed the reply to mean that Mars
      and Mercury are two of the seven planets of the earth-chain of globes.

      H.P.B., the only person in actual and constant communication with the
      Masters, corrected the mistake made by Mr. Sinnett in the pages of The
      Secret Doctrine to which I have referred, saying on page 164:

      "But neither Mars nor Mercury belongs to our chain; they are, along with the
      other planets, septenary Units in the great host of 'chains' of our system,
      and all are as visible as their upper globes are invisible."

      Her correction of the misconception was made upon the written authority of
      the same Masters who sent through her the letters on which Esoteric Buddhism
      was written.

      On the ground of authority in respect to this question, about which none of
      the Theosophical writers have any information independent of what the
      Masters have written, we must conclude that the statement in The Secret
      Doctrine is final. If no other point were involved, there would be no
      necessity for going further with the matter, but as the consistency of the
      entire philosophy is involved, it is necessary to advert again to this

      The two Masters who had to do with Esoteric Buddhism and The Secret Doctrine
      have distinctly said:--

      1 first, that none of the other globes of the earth-chain are visible
      from its surface;

      2 second, that various planets are visible in the sky to us because
      they are in their turn fourth-plane planets, representing to our sight their
      own septenary chains;

      3 third, that the six companion globes of the earth are united with
      it in one mass, but differ from it as to class of substance;

      4 fourth, that Mr. Sinnett misunderstood them when he thought they
      meant to say that Mars and Mercury were two of the six fellow globes of the
      earth-and this correction they make most positively in The Secret Doctrine;

      5 lastly, they have said that the entire philosophy is one of
      correspondences, and must be so viewed in every part. We do not understand
      that Mr. Sinnett has said that H.P.B. was not reporting the Masters when she
      wrote the above in The Secret Doctrine, or that the Masters have denied that
      they hold the above views.

      If we admit that Mars and Mercury are two visible planets of the seven-fold
      chain belonging to the earth, then the consistency of the philosophy is
      destroyed, for as it is with planets, so it is with man. Every planet,
      considered for the moment as an individual, is to be analysed in the same
      way as a single human being, subject to the same laws in the same way.

      Hence, if two of the principles of the earth are visible, that is, Mars and
      Mercury, then why is it that two of man's seven principles are not visible,
      in addition to his body? In his seven-fold constitution his body represents
      the earth in her septenary chain, but he cannot see objectively any other of
      his principles.

      The philosophy must be consistent throughout. If it is inconsistent at one
      point it fails at every other. The same Masters who have communicated
      through H.P.B. with Mr. Sinnett for the purpose of having Esoteric Buddhism
      written, have over and over again positively stated that the law of
      correspondence rules throughout in this philosophy.

      The earth is a fourth-plane planet. The beings upon it are now in the fourth
      stage, and for that reason cannot see objectively any planet that is not on
      the same plane of development, and every planet which they see is for that
      reason a fourth-plane planet. If this be correct, then Mars and Mercury must
      be fourth-plane planets, and hence not in the earth's chain of globes.

      If we assume with the writer of the pamphlet referred to that Mars and
      Mercury are two out of the whole seven of which the earth is a third, then
      the question arises, To what principle do these two planets correspond?, for
      they must correspond to either prana, kama, astral body, Manas, Buddhi, or

      Any attempt at an answer to this question will show the confusion in the
      assumption; for it is admitted that Mars is in obscuration, and the natural
      question then would be, Which of the earth's principles is correspondingly
      in "obscuration'?

      In attempting to answer this from the assumption started with, we have the
      statement that Mars is the planet we have last been in, hence it must
      represent a disused faculty or principle, and not one which we are about to

      As Manas is the next principle to be fully developed, it would follow that
      Mars does not represent it, and hence the whole matter falls into confusion,
      because the first four principles have been already developed and are not in
      disuse. Following this on the false assumption, then Mars would represent an
      eighth principle.


      Mars is in a state of obscuration at the present time, as stated by the
      Masters and H.P.B. This is because, in that chain of development, the Egos
      have finished their fourth round, or because the fourth round has not yet
      commenced, except in respect to the planet itself as a place of habitation,
      the Egos having passed on to the next globe of that chain, quite as
      invisible from the surface of Mars as our next globe in order is invisible
      from our surface.


      The same may be said for Mercury, except in respect to obscuration, since
      the information vouchsafed about it declares that it is beginning to get out
      of the obscuration caused by the absence of Egos.

      A reference to the pages of The Secret Doctrine referred to above will be
      found helpful on this point. It is also stated on page 163 of that book,
      Vol. 1, on the authority of the Masters, that "No companion planets from A
      to Z, that is, no upper globes of any chain in the Solar System, can be

      I may say that the relation borne by Mars and Mercury to the earth will not
      be spoken of or explained by the Masters.

      Furthermore, one of the Masters wrote to the author of Esoteric Buddhism in
      respect to this matter, stating, "You are putting me questions pertaining to
      the highest initiation. I can give you only a general view, but I dare not,
      nor will I enter upon details."

      It is not necessary for us to know the relation between Mars, Mercury, and
      the Earth, especially, nor to know whether Mars and Mercury are in any
      particular state; all that is necessary is to know, do they or not belong to
      our chain? And that they do not has been distinctly stated, both from the
      position of authority and upon the ground of consistent philosophy.

      Upon authority, because in no other way can we solve this riddle; upon
      philosophy, to show the reasonableness of the authoritative statement. All
      such difficulties can be solved by remembering and working upon the law
      that, as it is in respect to man and his principles or vehicles, so it is in
      respect to any planet whatever.

      PATH, July, 1893


      Actually several articles and letters on this were exchanged, but this seems
      to wrap up the discussion. Mr. Sinnett was, apparently, never convinced he
      erred in his interpretation of that which the Masters offered as information
      in the MAHATMA LETTERS .

      I hope this offers some help,



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      From: Daniel H. Caldwell
      Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 7:34 PM
      Subject: Anand, do you actually believe what C.W. Leadbeater said about life
      on Mars?

      C.W. Leadbeater wrote the following about the
      information he gave on Mars and its

      "The information which I have given . . . is based
      upon observation and inquiry during various visits
      to the planet; yet nearly all of it might be found
      in the works of various writers within the last
      thirty or forty years, and in all such cases it
      has been impressed by someone from Mars, although
      the very fact of such impression was (at least
      in some cases) quite unknown to the physical writer."

      For more of Leadbeater's description, see:

      "C.W. Leadbeater & H.P. Blavatsky about
      Life on Mars and Other Planets"

      Anand, do you actually believe what C.W. Leadbeater said about life
      on Mars?

      Blavatsky Study Center
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