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RE: ULT and DES ?

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    Sunday, July 15, 2001 Dear Gregory: Thank you for sending this in such detail. I have always been puzzled about the quotation you give as taken from the
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      Sunday, July 15, 2001

      Dear Gregory:

      Thank you for sending this in such detail. I have always been
      puzzled about the quotation you give as taken from the magazine
      THEOSOPHY. I have never found an explanation for it.

      In my studies, I have however, seen some suggestive references
      that point to the ancient "Sodalian Oath" taken on the sacred
      SQUARE: Tetraktys. And so far, these are in ISIS UNVEILED, Vol.
      I p. 9, and Vol. II, pp. 398-402, 410. The same subject seems to
      reprint), p. 88, [ BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH), Vol. 10,
      after p 275. I believe, towards the end of Section V, about 3
      pages from the end (I do not have the exact page handy.] One
      might surmise that the square on a surface develops into a CUBE
      as a volume, and the cube unfolded leads, in one configuration to
      the cross. (S D II p. 600fn)

      I have no idea of the value or exactitude of the information you
      provide after that. I returned to live in Los Angeles in 1969,
      having spent over 35 years in India and the Orient..

      My reading of documents relating to the books "THE THEOSOPHICAL
      MOVEMENT -- 1875 - 1925," and "THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT --
      1875 - 1950" ( and the older Theosophical magazines published
      around the period 1888-1896) acquainted me with some of the
      information made public concerning "The Esoteric Section (ES) of
      the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY" that H P B started in London in 1888.
      Included was some detail of the part that Mr. Judge, Mr. Crosbie,
      (and others) played in it. On the whole it was sparse. Except
      for noting here and there some details that Mme. Blavatsky and
      others have provided, mostly through reprinted letters and
      articles of theirs, the rest of the comments you make are noted
      with interest.

      I would comment that the capitalizing of the pronouns relating to
      Mme. Blavatsky ( She, Her) appears to me a show of respect. I
      have seen this in the Orient, and imagine that is the reason for
      it. I would subscribe to the idea, as I feel personally, very
      much in debt to H. P. Blavatsky, for her gift of the Mahatma's
      teachings of Theosophy. [ S D I p. 272-3 ]

      As a student of science (for such is my inclination) I feel very
      strongly, after years of study, that Theosophical doctrines and
      teachings fill gaps in scientific theory and hypotheses, that
      otherwise are left either discohate or void and unexplained.
      Because of this aspect, my study of Theosophy has always been one
      of questioning, and, a seeking to examine all that was presented
      in terms of logic, cohesiveness and coherence.

      My reading and study of Theosophical literature has been
      extensive. I have acquired, read and use original editions of
      the books and original issues of the old magazines.

      As a student of Science and of History, I have kept extensive
      notes and indexes as my continuing interest drives me to verify,
      as far as I am able, the propositions and statement that have
      advanced under the name "Theosophical." I believe it is
      important to consider all that has been made available so as to
      determine their values and accuracy.

      In regard to the matters concerning the E S of the THEOSOPHICAL
      SOCIETY, the E S T, the E S, etc., etc. I have noticed (and taken
      seriously to myself) the desire expressed by Mme. Blavatsky, Mr.
      Judge, (and their teachers, the Mahatmas) that matters of
      "esotericism" be kept private and not discussed publicly. I
      have therefore, for myself, and out of respect for their wishes,
      made it a rule of not discussing such affairs as might impinge on
      their request for privacy. In any case, whatever I might glean,
      it seems to me would only be speculative and very superficial
      information, and probably, be quite useless to others.

      It has been my experience in the study of Theosophy, that it
      unfolds, or seems like the reported Kum Bum tree to present
      different aspects each time one returns to the study of its many
      expressions and the writings that offer details and explanations.

      There are depths and gaps in pre-history, and in History, which
      our present archives, museums, universities, and the departments
      of archaeology, geology and paleontology cannot fully explain. I
      have noted that during the past 100 years cosmology and astronomy
      tend to verify the Theosophical doctrines issued some 125 years
      ago. It is also apparent to me that study of the "very small"
      such as the composition and components of the ATOM, tend also to
      verify Theosophical doctrines concerning their individual
      independence, potential "consciousness," and continuing purpose.

      What has also struck me as important, is the fact that Nature
      (our earth, and the Universe) which science continually studies,
      reveals, as its secrets are unveiled, the general existence of
      Law, laws, and purposes for every material phenomena. This
      suggests to me that the claim made by the Adepts to having
      studied (and recorded their investigations) may very well be
      possible. (S D I p. 272-292)

      At least I feel they have enough usefulness, and there is
      sufficient testimony concerning them, to permit their retention
      as a possible explanations for Universal and individual
      inter-relation. And the "sensitivity" that I notice, pervades
      the kingdoms of Nature, including humanity, and their other
      components, both physical and metaphysical, or invisible and

      Chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, astronomy, evidence
      of the sequence of ancient cataclysms and geological change, the
      origin of philosophy and metaphysical thinking, the fact of the
      common antiquity of concepts that underlie the origin and
      formation of various religions, all, seem to have relevance. At
      least, if taken as a whole, it tends to support and explain the
      information given in a condensed way through H.P.Blavatsky's

      This field of study is admittedly vast, and may be partially, to
      my own experience and ability to verify, speculative. But I do
      sense a rationality and a vast logic that underlies these
      expressions of doctrine and teaching. I think we have also, an
      adequate basis for extending our many areas of study, and to make
      that study and the interest that many students of Theosophy have,
      to continue it. It also seems to me that there is special room
      for an effort to verify it, encourage others to study and, do
      some of the "proving," which is valuable to individual credence,
      especially in an ethico-moral sense, and also, from the economic
      and health aspects of living.. I believe the need for a
      non-coercive, and non-regulated (as far as I can determine,
      through some 60 years of experience) association, such as the
      U.L.T., seems justified.

      So, one might surmise, any ethical consideration has to be
      appended to the unveiling of any (and all) of the "secrets" of
      Nature. In practical industrial, economic and social life, it
      may take years for the superficial hints that an attentive
      researcher notes as product and processes are developed, to be
      translated into the necessary safety procedures that enable the
      safer production of a dangerous substance. My guess is that
      'esotericism" is of a somewhat similar nature. Perhaps some
      analogies that are of a more valid nature could be developed.

      In the meantime what has Theosophy stressed? To me these are:

      1. A logical, coherent and continuing base for all evolution
      when viewed in its entirety.

      2. Nature's components participate in this development.

      If considered immortals, as Science considers the atoms
      (with their uniform and diverse properties) to be} then there is
      a continuous increment of experience stored as memory (if
      intelligence and consciousness of either a rudimentary or a
      complex nature is permitted to them). Humans represent a
      mid-stage development between the pole of ignorance and
      inexperience, and that of a perfect and complete knowledge of all
      the intricacies of the Universe. [But it would take immortality
      to provide the necessary "time" to complete this individual
      project. Many repetitive "lives"-- reincarnation as a process.].

      3. The "Cause" or "reason" for existence and evolution
      whether Universal, worldly, or personal is evident -- existence,
      life, intelligence -- are all conditions that provide for
      individual development.

      Our Universe (from small to large, from visible to invisible,
      from causal to Perfection, seems to me, to exist for the
      educations of the individual perceptive faculty. [ This may be
      called "Self-consciousness," or the power of self reflection and
      consideration. These terms, being used in their Theosophical
      sense, of course.]

      I was recently rereading pages in H P B's : FROM THE CAVES AND
      JUNGLES OF HINDOOSTAN, (Theosophical Publishing House, 1975 Edn.
      with newly included translations of some of her articles into
      English). I was struck by what was then being said in regard to
      the invisible and secret side of the "Laws of Nature." It said
      to me that psychology ( the human implication and the human
      "situation" ) was a most important component of any discovery and
      its development, or of any review involving historical reports on
      events, and their probable causes. How much always remains
      unsaid? How much does the reader need to explain and discover
      for himself?

      And in psychology, an understanding of the continuity of a
      human's consciousness that alters nightly into realms of
      unconsciousness, deep sleep, dreams, altered states, changes in
      egoic perception, etc... is yet to be fully grasped or finalized,
      in spite of all the information that relates thereto available
      from Theosophy.

      The introduction of the concept of individual immortality, that
      there is in each human a single, a continuous [un-dying (S D II
      pp. 275fn 281-2)] CONSCIOUSNESS, which serves to record and
      remember all experiences, would cut leagues off the tedious
      effort to discover that man has essentially (at core) an
      ethico-moral existence, and that while one aspect of the
      "personality" [called in Theosophy the Lower Ego -- Kama-Manas]
      represents our earth-oriented perception, something inside
      ourselves, simultaneously represents the "INDIVIDUAL" [ or, the
      Higher Ego -- Buddhi-Manas ] and continuous development of the
      immortal, eternal and divine Ego [Atma-Budhi] in each of us --
      called, "the Eternal Pilgrim" by some mystics. Man, viewed as an
      immortal, and Karma viewed as the force and cause that makes
      reincarnation a necessity, are (as I see them) psychological
      components of man's purpose for existence and his realty in the
      "here and now." Gradually, I see these two concepts taking root
      in the mind of thinking inquiring people.

      To this, one might add that "reincarnation" and the immortality
      of the Egoic Consciousness are still remote concepts. It is not
      unseemly that they be taken seriously, researched, and such
      factual information (as is already available) sifted and stored
      for on-going consideration.

      What do we know (outside of speculation and theory) of the causes
      for the formation of our Earth, or the Universe? What is the
      purpose of the Universe? If the nature of Man and that of the
      Universe have resemblance, is this being investigated and
      seriously traced? It is so easy (and un-scientific) to push
      these considerations off into the lap and hands of a totally
      unprovable Personal God, or, if one is an agnostic, into the
      realms of chance, luck and maybe. Somewhere where we no longer
      need to think about it. But that does not eliminate them from
      the need for definition and consideration.

      I would like to add the following, and I am sure this is not a
      unique observation.

      The study of the texts we have before us, the great books like
      OF THE SILENCE, H.P.Blavatsky's many articles and letters, Mr.
      Judge's books, articles and letters probably contain within them
      the esotericism and occultism everyone seeks. I sense from time
      to time, that veiled hints are offered, in these books, articles,
      and letters of an "esoteric universe" which exist as cause within
      the visible physical universe we live in and sense continually.

      I believe (I can only use this badly abused word to indicate that
      I seek confirmation) that only the attentive student may pick
      them up, as they are probably not seen as identical for all.
      And one of the keys, as I think of it, is the one that stresses
      the need for a total personal harmlessness, generosity, and a
      protective spirit. And, this ought to be coupled with an attitude
      of careful regard for the well being of others.

      I sense that this alone will open the so tightly closed "doors."
      Apparently the principles and secrets of Nature (which already
      contains and uses them all) will become apparent to those who
      perceive that no important "secret" will ever be revealed except
      to those who will not abuse such secrets for selfish benefits
      under any circumstance. I may be wrong, but I believe we are
      faced here with the great paradox: How does the free-will of
      "man" (and woman) exist in a universe (and earth) entirely
      governed by immutable laws ?

      I have no ready-made answer for this, but I am seeking. I see
      those Laws expressed or implied everywhere, and I also see them
      broken and transgressed -- and not always do I see retribution in
      action. One wonders about "accidents, infections, epidemics,
      cataclysms, "illnesses," etc. What are their true causes? Why
      are some affected and others are not?

      I am sorry, I can only write of what I know. and what I have
      thought about and observed. It seems to be at variance with some
      of the details you advance. For me the freedom of study, and
      interfaced inquiry, co-examination and co-research, has been one
      of the most important aspects of my living. This is what I value
      in the U.L.T. and what I would like to see continued.

      I am content that I am not weighted down with any structure of
      external procedures and compliances, which have to my mind, no
      important bearing on the personal, practical and important work
      of my living, so as to learn more of this marvelous world and
      universe we live in. I hope that others will also perceive this
      value. Of what value would be personal "decision making power,"
      or the manipulations of "management," if the end in view is
      acquiring knowledge and this is coupled with an opportunity for
      the free individual to seek for it, and to use such assistance as
      they may be able to get?

      To me the U.L.T. is a convenience, and I am glad it is there --
      to assist and to be assisted, as I believe that it has important
      uses for the future. If the unadulterated, pure TEACHINGS of
      THEOSOPHY can be made available to our "successors" in time, it
      (U.L.T. ) will have served a great purpose. And we may take some
      comfort from having provided some of the continuing impetus
      towards that end. It is for this reason that I sent you a
      synopsis of the details I know of, concerning the work and
      functions of U.L.T. .

      As I see it, it (U.L.T. ) has done much in the past 90 years.
      One of its great services was in the first 50 years of this
      century: to force (by example) the various Theosophical bodies
      (some with divergent and "secret" editing of H.P.Blavatsky's
      original texts), to refocus on the ORIGINALS, and to provide them
      for the study of their members and adherents.
      U.L.T. does not subscribe to or recommend alternative or
      co-existent organizations of a religious or philosophical
      character, it recommends an attentive awareness of, and for those
      who elect to do so, an individual study of various world
      religions, philosophical and psychological discoveries and
      It is very interesting indeed to watch the relative approaches of
      our sciences to the basic concepts and original teachings that
      Theosophy has already put forward.
      As to "membership?" there is none, as "associates, by definition
      are free and independent of any strictures. The idea of there
      being a place where anyone is welcome to take advantage of the
      facilities made freely available for deep study, is, in U.L.T., a
      fundamental one -- an opportunity to study, exchange ideas and
      queries without the fear that they will be ridiculed, or ignored
      or derided by incredulous criticism..
      As volunteers we who work with and for the ideals and purposes
      of the U.L.T., do so always in collaboration with our friends
      and brothers. I can see no other way in which an association
      such as this, with widely scattered centers, and based on a
      declaration as clearly expressed and defined as U.L.T.
      Declaration is, could work otherwise. It is truly "without
      I would also observe that the U.L.T. does not endorse any
      concept of "successorship" -- whether occult or otherwise. It
      recognizes innate worth. It adds that the same foundations and
      potentials are to be fund in everyone. It is truly cosmopolitan,
      inter-racial, and eclectic. It applauds the achievements of
      individuals who have self-sacrificingly learned to do good
      (through wisdom) for others, and do not think of, or require, or
      even dream of, "recompense."
      I guess this would include the idea of any "passing occult
      authority" -- and of this I have had no evidence. [I would
      strongly object to it, if I found it to be in operation, a it is
      a violation of the U.L.T. ideals, and would tend to abridge
      individual self-reliance and freedom of choice.]
      In view of the DECLARATION of the U.L.T. such ideas would be
      abhorrent to its work and existence. I think that the function
      of Mr. John Garrigues, as far as I know, was as the first
      President of the Theosophy Company. He was called familiarly,
      "Uncle John." And I believe that this defines his outlook,
      wisdom, lack of self-imposition and open, engaging friendliness,
      as far as I have been able to determine.
      Another point: As you already know the THEOSOPHY COMPANY
      exercises no control or authority over the functions and work of
      the U.L.T., although it is quite true that the T. Co. is composed
      of volunteer trustees drawn from among those who have been
      longest in U.L.T. It is the servant, and not the boss of the
      U.L.T. { Did you ever read Mr. Judge's (unsigned) article ON
      FUNDS AND PROPERTY , PATH, Vol. 8, p. 356. It defines for us the
      functions of the T. Co. -- as a "tool" and not a "master."
      I think we owe H.P.Blavatsky and the Masters a great debt of
      gratitude for reducing the confusion created by the gaps of
      knowledge that remain to be bridged between various scientific
      and investigative disciplines. If you consider the information
      amassed in ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET DOCTRINE , I believe that
      you / we can observe a reduction in confusion and a strengthening
      of theory and hypotheses if that were employed..
      Considered that the panorama and extent of knowledge and
      information is so difficult to encompass as a whole, we all have
      developed a great respect for, nay, a love for H.P.Blavatsky and
      the Masters I can only say I speak for myself, as I believe
      that it dawns on us, gradually, an idea of what Their ability to
      provide us with our needs of a knowledge deeper, and greater than
      we have. For this is, I think, is the real meaning of what a
      great Teacher and Reformer has the ability to actually say or
      write. I mean assembling, in a relatively small compass, the
      history of our evolution, and the real constitution of the world
      of which we are an essential part. And then showing the
      substratum, the lattice-work of laws and relationships that makes
      for the ordered disharmony of our world and universe. To us it
      may appear discohate, but in fact the subtle relationships and
      adjustments gradually make sense as we learn to look for and see
      them in operation. I do not mean this is some vague psychic
      sense, but in terms of mental perception and understanding. The
      many actions of the autonomic systems in our own bodies are an
      index (to me) of the greater complexity in our world and

      The dignity of, and the divinity in man, and the respect we all
      owe to Nature, have been reinstalled. What more do we need?
      Only a free forum, non-structured, in which independent students
      can discuss those teachings, with friendship, brotherhood and
      tolerance, and thus, add to their grasp and understanding of
      their own purpose for living.

      I can see and hope that this work will spread into the future,
      and, as H.P.Blavatsky and Mr. Judge hoped, gradually the mind and
      heart of humanity will be directed from material comforts and
      silly pastimes that waste time, to a progressive interest in the
      actual support of one-another and of the continued well being of
      our Parent: the Earth, -- which, to us -- represents the
      UNIVERSE. One might say that we live our life is in those Stars
      in more ways than one.

      But in conclusion, let me stress that to my mind the
      harmlessness, generosity, universality and impersonality of
      application in regard to all knowledge one might acquire, is very
      important. Possibly it is the only key that will unlock for us
      Nature's inclusive secrets. I say "inclusive" because I think it
      is our own attitude as "personalities" that keep us excluded from

      Best wishes,



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