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RE: Theos-World ULT Day Letter

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  • dalval14@earthlink.net
    Many thanks Leon: I am glad you got my meaning. Really it is PEACE to all. I really prefer to spend my time in constructive things. We ll see what comes. Best
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      Many thanks Leon:

      I am glad you got my meaning. Really it is PEACE to all.

      I really prefer to spend my time in constructive things.

      We'll see what comes.

      Best wishes,



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      Sorry to butt in, but I couldn't let this one go by without

      In a message dated 07/13/01 6:32:44 PM, ringding@... writes:

      >>As to Frank: His point of view is that and ORGANIZATION is
      >>essential. I don't think he gets the idea that one can be
      >Wrong, Dallas. You and everyone can do what they like.
      >But I protest when the Hinayana way of the ULT is presented to
      >uninformed an untrained internet public as a favorable model.

      Right, Dallas.

      What model? What is the "Hinayana way" of the ULT? How can a
      lodge (or a
      framework for study of ALL esoteric teachings) -- composed of
      students, studying the path toward the goal of "Self realization"
      "enlightenment") that each, alone, is free to follow as he/she
      determines" -- have an overriding "organizational" goal, or be
      labeled as
      following ANY exoteric, (or esoteric) "way"?

      Who guides it? Who enforces its will on its independent
      associates? Where
      and what are its objectives to "control" or steer the studies of
      associates (other than its only published manifesto, the
      "Declaration of the
      ULT" -- which says it all)?
      >>He seems to want the support of an organized group that can
      >>him what to do.
      >That is only your porjection. Man, what kind of sect is that ULT
      that you
      >learn such twisted thinking???

      No. That is only a reasonable observation based on what you say.

      Since when can such a "lodge" (a voluntary association of
      students, not an organization) be a "sect" and have any separate
      beliefs or
      teachings that are not within the scope of the most ancient
      esotericism as
      taught by HPB at the root level of pure spirituality, along with
      "fundamental principles" that are the ultimate foundation of all
      exoteric Buddhist "sects" such as the Hinayana, the Mahayana, or
      Vajrayana? Isn't which way one goes in theosophical study or
      practice still
      a matter of individual choice?

      Is there any such thing as an "esoteric" Buddhist sect -- or any
      sect for that matter? How can any "organization," with any
      agenda for study
      or practice, be "esoteric"? But, an "independent association"
      certainly can
      be -- depending on the individual choice of each student. So,
      where's the

      Doesn't HPB's theosophical teachings (that ULT points to, along
      with all its
      confirmations in ancient literature and Master's teachings)
      thoroughly cover
      ALL of those directions of thought and practice at their deepest
      levels? Are
      not its root teachings (resting on the most ancient esoteric
      document, the
      Book of Dzyan, or "Book of the Golden Precepts" -- upon which the
      commentaries in the SD are based) sufficient evidence that there
      are no
      overriding ideas attributable to a non-organization like ULT that
      can in any
      way "twist" the thoughts of its independent students -- who can
      theosophy from any source, in any way they choose? What's to
      stop them or,
      who's to conform them?

      Who, or what evidence "conditioned" YOUR prejudicial thoughts
      about the
      "activities" of the ULT -- that you have so little first hand

      Maybe, you still misunderstand that ULT, has no leaders or
      directors with any
      personal agendas that can influence any student who uses its
      study classes, lectures and libraries (without supervision,
      guidance or
      "obligation other than that which they themselves determine") to
      learn and
      practice whatever they can about theosophy, its metaphysical
      science, its
      esoteric occultism and its moral imperatives -- to whatever depth
      each wishes
      to penetrate -- under their own steam, using their own "self
      devised and self
      determined efforts." What's so Hinayana "cultish" about that?

      Where and from whom did you hear any differently about the "aims
      and purposes
      of ULT"?
      >>Remember that the ULT is a 6th ROUND concept
      >Seems you are drunken. Do you really know what you speak?
      >The ULT is only in the 6th round??
      >I assumed the ULT is still on another PLANET.
      >The ULT was, is and will ever be a purely exoteric organization.
      You never
      >had the higher teachings.
      >ULT can be compared with Theravada Buddhism.
      >The same dead letter believe, the same proud about the own
      avidya and the
      >same dogmatism if not fanatism.

      That's a bold group of unfounded and pejorative statements that
      have no
      grounds in reality, misinform all the "uninformed an untrained
      public," and which label you as an ignoramus about anything that
      has to do
      with the, aims, purposes and "ends in view" of the United Lodge

      Such specious arguments based on opinionated nonsense, along with
      insulting comments to boot, add nothing to your credibility.


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