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  • Frank Reitemeyer
    Here are some facts which are usually surpressed by the ULT agents to mislead an uninformed public about the truth. Note that documentary evidence exits that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2001
      Here are some facts which are usually surpressed by the ULT agents to mislead an uninformed public about the truth.
      Note that documentary evidence exits that makes clear that we are not talking just about misunderstandings. These facts which are surpressed are very well known to the ULT officials.
      In plain words we could speak of spreading of lies. Nevertheless ULT agents spread commercials that the ULT is 6th round (that means, as our present humanity is just at the middle point of only the 4th round, that the ULT is ethically hundreds of millions of years ahead of us).

      As there is danger that many people are not aware of the backgrounds and tend to decide by emotion or by authority I have scanned a short information below that gives any interested readers the opportunity to think for themselves.
      Perhaps it helps to decide whether the ULT is just an ordinary sect or a theosophical orgnaization as claimed.
      Also it may help to decide whether the ULT organization is a good example for other Theosophists as claimed.
      More coming later as time permits.



      "THEOSOPHY," June, 1936, opens with an article 'Theosophists and Robert Crosbie.' This gives certain facts regarding Robert Crosbie but omits many, thus placing the former in a false light. A complete history of impartial statement would show that among his writings were many letters, public addresses, and articles in which he zealously declared his undying devotion to Katherine Tingley, successor as Leader of the Theosophical Society to H. P. B. and Judge. For references See the issues of Theosophical News (Boston, 1896-7), of which he was one of the joint editors, particularly the issues published when Katherine Tingley was absent from the U. S. A. an her first world-tour; also issues of THE THEOSOPHIAL FORUM (especially Aug. 1932, March 1934, and Aug. 1934) which reprint some of many letters written over his own signature. Surely the editors of Theosophy must be familiar with these.

      The article queries: "Was he [Mr. Crosbie] in error in his judgment of the course he should pursue when he was faced with the fact that Madame Tingley had been saddled upon the T. S. in A., and its E. S. T. . . . as Successor?"

      And gives answer: "Successor and satellites, leaders and led, he knew that time would disclose the harvest . . . . So, he worked, he watched, he waited the propitious hour. Nor did he 'have long to wait.' . . . Between 1896 and 1904 a septenary cycle had been completed, and 'an hour of destiny' come . . . ."

      In 1904 he was asked to leave the Theosophical Headquarters at Point Loma for good cause.

      His acceptance of Katherine Tingley as Leader was, if we accept his own words, whole-hearted and complete. He writes (Feb. 2, 1898) : "I remember that the day I first saw you, I recognized you as the O. H. without hint or introduction as such, and in spite of the fact that I was not looking for a woman's form in that connection . . . ."

      Also in 1901 in a public address given in the Fisher Opera House, San Diego, Calif., at a meeting held "In Honor of William Q. Judge," Robert Crosbie gave an address which was afterwards published in full in The San Diego Union under the title 'Facts of History.' The following statements are quoted therefrom:

      "It should be noted here, that the Leaders of the Theosophical Movement did not become so by virtue of an election by vote - nor were they self-appointed. Mme. Blavatsky was the first leader, by force of her wisdom and power of leadership, and all the true students of Theosophy accepted her as such. And when she appointed William Q. Judge as her successor, his leadership was accepted for the same reason - and so, too, with Katherine Tingley, who was appointed by William Q. Judge as his successor. And when she dies she will appoint her successor who will be followed by the faithful members. - And thus is preserved the line of teachers and the continuity of the Movement.

      ". . . But egotism and personal ambition go hand in hand, and these qualities are pre-eminently active in the enemies of our Organization who call themselves Theosophists - blinding them to patent facts. The plotters and those who followed them have kept up a vilification of the Leader and members of this Society - the present Leader has fallen heir to all their maliciousness.

      "Detrimental Statements in regard to this Society are continually being traced to this special class of enemies who have the effrontery to call themselves Theosophists in the face of such conduct.

      "Their speakers talk philosophy, and decry the efforts of the Universal Brotherhood to give expression to that philosophy in daily life - to make Theosophy a living power in the life of humanity.

      "It is because Theosophy is a living power in the lives of our members that the many educational and humanitarian features are coming into visible expression at Point Loma. Self-sacrifice and devotion to the needs of humanity has alone produced these results - results which, under this Spirit, will continue to grow, and remain as lasting monuments to the life-work of the immortal three - H. P. Blavatsky, William Q. Judge and Katherine Tingley."

      Is it just to Robert Crosbie to ignore these Statements of historic fact, or to suppress them? They help to complete the true picture and must be included in an irrpartial - not imaginary - sketch of Crosbie's life.

      Let it be remembered that Robert Crosbie after the death of W. Q. Judge, publicly and privately expressed his devotion to and supported Katherine Tingley, and this continued until 1904, when for good cause he was requested to leave Headquarters.

      Suppressio veri, suggestio falsi!

      - The Theosophical Forum, July 1936, pp. 76-77.

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