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  • leonmaurer@aol.com
    Right on. Changing people s minds could be considered as a form of war. A war of ideas, so to speak. Without using graffiti on the Statue of Liberty to make
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 11, 2001
      Right on. Changing people's minds could be considered as a form of "war." A
      war of ideas, so to speak.

      Without using graffiti on the Statue of Liberty to make any points:-) -- I
      think this is the best advice we've heard yet on how to bring theosophy into
      the public eye with logic and reason. I think it's the gutsy way that HPB
      might do it today (and did it in her time when she individually took on the
      Jesuits in open forum). Although, it would still have to be done on the same
      individual basis, so as not to generate a deadly massive counteraction by the
      established powers that such a direct "revolutionary" confrontation (if
      labeled as a "United Action") might entail. No one want's a theosophical
      action group to be classified along with the Branch Davidians, or any other
      fanatic religious or antiestablishment organizations.

      On the other hand, group "United Action" in the area of an "intellectually
      revolutionary" publication giving theosophical solutions to current world
      problems, as suggested by the Compiler, would be fine -- provided there were
      a strong editorial leadership and publication management to hold it on track
      and make it attractive to the general reader. However, without such
      leadership, along with an attractive format and a powerful promotional
      program, or access to the mass media (which takes immense amounts of money)
      -- no amount of group action in the area of a new theosophically oriented
      "online" publication will ever be able to reach the mainstream of
      non-theosophists, and bring them around to resisting or changing the
      materialistic trends of the modern age.

      Publishing on the Internet, without such promotion (also quite costly) to
      attract readership of dyed in the wool materialists, and other
      non-theosophists, could be like whistling in the wind. How many
      non-theosophists read any of the current online theosophical publications,
      and how many non-theosophists subscribe to the old line theosophical print
      publications, or even read their reprinted articles on the Internet?

      Accordingly, I think we should give some serious thought to a "United Action"
      group. But, one that requires individuals to take the initiative (with the
      help and guidance of the group) -- and follow the direction of penetration
      into the "enemy's" camp on a direct one to one basis as suggested by Nos

      This "singular responsibility for one's action" approach, if supported by the
      "united group" through conference and consultation (to determine the best way
      to present the theosophical arguments in each individual case) could be far
      more effective in bringing other non-theosophists around to considering the
      theosophical points of view, and in turn, influencing their own religious,
      political, social or scientific groups.

      As an example of the effectiveness of this type of direct action... For the
      past seven years I have been active in atleast three major online scientific
      forums, and have written hundreds of letters that have presented theosophical
      arguments to counteract the materialistic and reductionist views of most
      contemporary scientists. The result has been over 10,000 hits on my
      theosophically oriented ABC web site by participating scientists, and other
      lurkers reading my letters in the online archives... And, am certain that
      there have been comparable numbers of hits to Blavatsky.net by the same
      scientists searching for my Secret Doctrine references to the modern theories
      of science presaged in it by HPB.

      Since first starting this campaign, I've noted, in the ensuing years, a
      gradual change in the ideas of many of the scientists that were formally in
      contention with theosophical principles. In fact, the change is so radical
      that in the last several years an unusually large percentage of the Journal
      of Consciousness Study online forum letters, for example, have some positive
      reference to antireductionist theosophical ideas... Much of them similar to
      those I presented many years ago. I've even encountered a number of
      scientists who have radically changed their views since I first began
      dropping my theosophical bombs into their online dialogues.

      Since scientists are the real gurus of this age, and have instant access to
      the mass media, the changes of their minds are bound to eventually reflect
      positively in the mass mind. I think that if other knowledgeable
      theosophists could join me in these forays into the established news groups
      and online forums, as well as trying to reach into the mass media directly
      with theosophically oriented articles or stories -- the accumulated backup
      could greatly reinforce and influence an even more rapid inculcation of
      theosophical thought into the world mind.

      This is the way I see HPB's admonition to Theosophists -- to change the minds
      of ordinary people by teaching them the theosophical principles in the
      "Language of the Age." This means speaking to each scientific, political,
      religious and social group in their own language -- even if it means
      eliminating all reference to theosophy per se, or the use of theosophical
      jargon words. For example, in my public letters to the scientific forums,
      I've made it a policy to never mention the words "theosophy" or
      "theosophical," nor do I use any foreign words that are not part of the
      modern scientifically oriented English language -- even when quoting from the
      SD (which I paraphrase into modern English). The one time, early on, that I
      did mention theosophy as a source, I got a knee jerk reaction from a
      disgruntled materialist scientists about theosophy being a "phony religion"
      -- that caused a resistance in other scientists to my arguments which took me
      months to counteract. It was a good lesson.


      In a message dated 07/10/01 1:36:56 AM, nos@... writes:

      >I think we should look at it as a war. And modern warfare is information
      >We don't have the resources to counter mainstream propaganda and mass
      >hypnosis - especially when groups who are geared to materiialism and the
      >pursuit of profit have a vested interest in theosophy not being accepted
      >worldwide. The solution of course is guerilla warfare. The
      >eco-terrorists etc have known this for years - they can'y buy space on
      >TV they can't buy Adprint in the US etc So you have to spray paint
      >across the statue of liberty at night 'THERE IS NO RELIGION HIGHER THAN
      >TRUTH' etc
      >You have to get involved with christian newsgroups, scientific
      >reductionist atheist newsgroups etc etc - take part and tell it from
      >theosophy's POV - give references back it up - if we know we're right
      >why should we be timid or is it more right to say that the TRUTH needs
      >no defenders.
      >I think if we work hard microscopically the results will be achcieved
      >macroscopically - as above - so below - For starters - does everybody in
      >your family understand theosophy? I find myself meeting a stumblimg
      >block before I even leave the house - IYKWIM.
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