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    Tuesday, July 10, 2001 Dear Gopi: No one is ever alone. Thought reaches everywhere. Your review of the impact of Theosophy on India is as you say widespread
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      Tuesday, July 10, 2001

      Dear Gopi:

      No one is ever "alone." Thought reaches everywhere.

      Your review of the impact of Theosophy on India is as you say
      widespread and now almost unnoticed.

      Let me add that the actual change began with the arrival of Mme.
      Blavatsky ans Col. Olcott in India as a Committee delegated by
      resolution of the Original THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY established Nov.
      17th 1875 in New York. [ see Blavatsky COLLECTED WORKS Vol. 1,
      for details around pp. 115 - 135 ]

      They worked to reverse the trend of Western Education (that led
      to jobs with the Government) that had attracted young and
      intelligent Indians. In general at that time the Europeans,
      British especially looked down on all Indians as "an inferior

      The "T S Committee started to reverse this by pointing to the
      importance of the ancient philosophical and religious literature
      that India had (and still has). They demonstrated that the
      religious system of Christianity as it was put into practice then
      had little to recommend it. Whereas the Indian Philosophies had
      grand and world-wide logic, wisdom and importance.

      You can see this for yourself if you will read the CAVES AND
      JUNGLES OF HINDOOSTAN by H.P.Blavatsky and also go through the
      first 10 volumes of THE THEOSOPHIST.

      I would recommend this as a useful piece of work because it gives
      an historical perspective that is most important.

      Every student of H.P.Blavatsky has the opportunity of protesting
      if and when they notice (under their Karma) anything evilly said
      of H.P.Blavatsky or of theosophy or of the Mahatmas.

      I did not see this particular presentation.

      Best wishes,



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      Subject: [bn-study] Re: A "UNITED ACTION" FOR OUR THEOSOPHICAL

      Dear John, Ram Prakash, Jerome, Dallas and all others who have
      participated in this dialogue or will have wanted to participate:

      I thank you very much for making me feel that I have such a
      company. I thought I was alone.

      My agony of my loneliness was compounded recently by a TV show on
      Atlantis, where they pictured HPB as a witch, making up the
      stories about
      Masters. What bothered me mostly is the lack of awareness of the
      contributions of Theosophists to the humanity.

      As a matter of fact, the service Theosophical Society has done
      for India
      is unlimited; starting from the birth of the Congress Party,
      Sanskrit College in Banaras, supporting University Education,
      franchise, literacy of women and freedom fight just to name a
      However, very few know about this in India. Annie Besant's
      centenary went
      by quite unnoticed in India. Even fewer know the name of HPB or
      for that
      matter J. Krishnamurthy. The fate of Theosophy is not much better
      here or
      in Europe either. Few thousand elite know about it.

      However, wherever you turn, may it be the New Age, Healing Arts,
      Campbell and his Star Wars, Waldorf Schools and many art areas we
      recognize Theosophy. However, very few know about it. A United
      Action for
      Theosophy and a little bit of initiative on the part of the
      participants should be able to pool required ideas, resources and
      plans to move it in the right direction. As for me, I will be
      glad to
      participate in any way my very limited abilities permit me.

      Thank you all very much


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