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Blavatsky and Bailey on the Christ: COMPARE & CONTRAST

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  • D. H. Caldwell <info@blavatskyarchives.c
    H. P. Blavatsky in her E.S. Instruction No. I., 1889 wrote: . . . A new and rapidly growing danger. . . is threatening . . . the spread of the pure Esoteric
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      H. P. Blavatsky in her E.S. Instruction No. I., 1889 wrote:

      ". . . A new and rapidly growing danger. . . is threatening . . . the
      spread of the pure Esoteric Philosophy and knowledge. . . . I
      allude to those charlatanesque imitations of Occultism and
      Theosophy. . . . By pandering to the prejudices of people, and
      especially by adopting the FALSE IDEAS of a personal God and A
      PERSONAL, CARNALIZED SAVIOUR, as the groundwork of their teaching,
      the leaders of this 'swindle' (for such it is) are endeavoring to
      draw men to them and in particular to turn Theosophists from the true
      path." Caps added.

      For some of H.P.B.'s views about the Christ, see, for example:

      by H. P. Blavatsky

      "Wherever [genuine] Theosophy spreads, there it is impossible for the
      deluded to mislead, or the deluded to follow. It opens a new path, a
      forgotten philosophy which has lived through the ages, a knowledge of
      the psychic nature of man, which reveals alike the true status of the
      Catholic saint, and the spiritualistic medium the Church condemns. It
      gathers reformers together, throws light on their way, and teaches
      them how to work towards a desirable end with most effect, but
      forbids any to assume a crown or sceptre, and no less delivers from a
      futile crown of thorns. Mesmerisms and astral influences fall back,
      and the sky grows clear enough for higher light. It hushes the "Lo
      here! and lo there!" and declares the Christ, like the kingdom of
      heaven, to be within. It guards and applies every aspiration and
      capacity to serve humanity in any man, and shows him how. It
      overthrows the giddy pedestal, and safely cares for the human being
      on solid ground. Hence, in this way, and in all other ways, it is the
      truest deliverer and saviour of our time."

      by H.P. Blavatsky

      ". . . "the coming of Christ," means the presence of CHRISTOS in a
      regenerated world, and not at all the actual coming in body
      of "Christ" Jesus; . . . this Christ is to be sought neither in the
      wilderness nor "in the inner chambers," nor in the sanctuary of any
      temple or church built by man; for Christ--the true esoteric SAVIOUR--
      is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who
      strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own
      terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the "sepulchre" of his
      sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of
      matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen
      Christ in him. The "Son of Man" is no child of the bond-woman--flesh,
      but verily of the free-woman--Spirit, the child of man's own deeds,
      and the fruit of his own spiritual labour."

      "Many and many a time the warning about the "false Christs" and
      prophets who shall lead people astray has been interpreted by
      charitable Christians, the worshippers of the dead-letter of their
      scripture, as applying to mystics generally, and Theosophists most
      especially. The recent work by Mr. Pember, "Earth's Earliest Ages,"
      is a proof of it. Nevertheless, it seems very evident that the words
      in Matthew's Gospel and others can hardly apply to Theosophists. For
      these were never found saying that Christ is "Here" or "There," in
      wilderness or city, and least of all in the "inner chamber" behind
      the altar of any modern church. Whether Heathen or Christian by
      birth, they refuse to materialise and thus degrade that which is the
      purest and grandest ideal--the symbol of symbols--namely, the
      immortal Divine Spirit in man, whether it be called Horus, Krishna,
      Buddha, or Christ."


      See the following compilations:

      The Christ

      Reappearance of the Christ

      Read especially:

      His reappearance and His consequent work cannot be confined to one
      small locality or domain, unheard of by the great majority, as was
      the case when He was here before. The radio, the press, and the
      dissemination of news, will make His coming different to that of any
      previous Messenger; the swift modes of transportation will make Him
      available to countless millions, and by boat, rail and plane they can
      reach Him: through television, His face can be made familiar to all,
      and verily "every eye shall see Him". (8 - 16).
      The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter II - The World Today

      They will prepare and work for conditions in the world in which
      Christ can move freely among men, in bodily Presence; He need not
      then remain in His present retreat in Central Asia. They can and will
      accept with ease the unity of all faiths, when the relationship of
      the Buddha and the Christ is correctly represented; then the picture
      of a Christ demanding a unique position, to the exclusion of all
      other sons of God, will fade out in the wonder of the true apostolic
      succession, in which many sons of God, on different rays, of
      differing nationalities and with varying missions, are to be seen
      historically leading humanity along the path of divine unfoldment and
      nearer to God, the Source. (13 - 589/90).

      From Bailey's AUTOBIOGRAPHY:

      Another happening about the same time carried conviction to me of
      another world of events. It is something which - at the time it
      occurred - I could not have imagined, having no indication that such
      a happening was possible. Twice I had a dream in full waking
      consciousness. I called it a dream because I could not imagine at
      that time what else it could possibly be. Now I know that I
      participated in something that really took place. At the time of this
      dual occurrence this knowledge lay outside my field of ordinary
      recognition. Herein lies the value of the happening. There was no
      opportunity for autosuggestion, wishful thinking or an over-vivid

      I twice (whilst living and working in Great Britain) took part in an
      extraordinary ceremony and it was nearly two [39] decades after my
      participation that I discovered what it was all about. The ceremony
      in which I took part, I eventually found out, actually takes place
      every year at the time of the "Full Moon of May." It is the full moon
      of the Hindu calendar month of Vaisakha (Taurus) under its ancient
      name. This month is of vital importance to all Buddhists and the
      first day of this month is the national holiday known as the Hindu
      New Year's Day. This tremendous event takes place each year in the
      Himalayas. It is held in a valley and is not a mythical, subconscious
      happening but a real, physical plane occurrence. I found myself
      (whilst wide awake) in this valley and forming part of a vast,
      orderly crowd - mostly oriental but with a large sprinkling of
      occidental people. I knew exactly where I stood in that crowd and
      realized that it was my correct place and indicated my spiritual

      The valley was large and oval shaped, rocky and with high mountains
      on either side. The people, crowded in the valley, faced towards the
      East and towards a narrow, bottlenecked passage at the end. Just
      before this funnel shaped passage there stood an immense rock, rising
      out of the floor of the valley like a great table, and on the top of
      the rock was a crystal bowl which looked as if it was three feet
      across. This bowl was full of water. Standing ahead of the crowd and
      in front of the rock were three Figures. They formed a triangle and,
      to my surprise, the one at the apex of the triangle seemed to me to
      be the Christ. The waiting crowd appeared to be in constant movement,
      and as they moved they formed great and familiar symbols - the Cross
      in its various forms, the circle with the point in the center, the
      five-pointed star and various interlaced triangles. It was almost
      like a solemn, rhythmic dance, very slow and dignified but quite
      soundless. Suddenly, the three Figures before the rock stretched out
      Their arms towards the heavens. The [40] crowd froze into immobility.
      At the far end of the bottleneck a Figure was seen in the sky,
      hovering over the passage and slowly approaching the rock. I knew in
      some subjective and certain fashion that it was the Buddha. I had a
      sense of recognition. I knew at the same time that in no way was our
      Christ belittled. I got a glimpse of the unity and of the Plan to
      which the Christ, the Buddha and all the Masters are eternally
      dedicated. I realized for the first time, though in a dim and
      uncertain manner, the unity of all manifestation and that all
      existence - the material world, the spiritual realm, the aspiring
      disciple, the evolving animal and the beauty of the vegetable and
      mineral kingdoms - constituted one divine and living whole which was
      moving on to the demonstration of the glory of the Lord. I grasped -
      faintly - that human beings needed the Christ and the Buddha and all
      the Members of the planetary Hierarchy, and that there were
      happenings and events of far greater moment to the progress of the
      race than those recorded in history. I was left bewildered, because
      to me (at that time) the heathen were still heathen and I was a
      Christian. Deep and fundamental doubts were left in my mind. My life
      was henceforth colored (and is today) by the knowledge that there
      were Masters and subjective events upon the inner spiritual planes
      and in the world of meaning which were a part of life itself, perhaps
      the most important part. How could I fit these things into my limited
      theology and my daily life. I did not know.
      It is said that one's deepest and most intimate spiritual experiences
      should never be discussed or related. This is fundamentally true and
      no true "experiencer" is the least interested in such discussions.
      The deeper and more vital the experience, the less temptation is
      there to tell it. Only beginners with a theoretical, imaginative
      event in their [41] consciousness claim such experiences. But with
      deliberation I have related the two above subjective events (or was
      the first subjective?) because it is time that people of standing and
      who are recognized as sane and intelligent should add their testimony
      to that of the frequently discredited mystic and occultist. I have a
      good standing as an intelligent, normal woman, an effective executive
      and creative writer and I choose to add my certain knowledge and
      conviction to the witness of many others down the ages.

      Daniel H. Caldwell
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