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Re[2]: Theos-World Sunlight in a garden

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  • James Davis
    MNO Yes. But you are missing the point I am making. MNO 1. As long as Baileys books contain what one could call MNO contradictions about, wheather Bailey
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 17, 2003
      MNO> Yes. But you are missing the point I am making.

      MNO> 1. As long as Baileys books contain what one could call
      MNO> contradictions about, wheather Bailey (and D.K.) supported the
      MNO> upraise of Hitlers bad regime, then trouble will come around for
      MNO> sure.

      As I'm sure you must know, all esoteric writings contain
      contradictions, but AAB's position was quiet clear on this issue:

      The tendency to fasten the war on Hitler and his gang of evil men
      should not blind us to the causes which have made his evil work
      possible. He is mainly a precipitating agency, for through him world
      selfishness and cruelty have been brought to a focus. But, as Christ
      has said: "Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs
      be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence
      cometh." (Matthew 18:7.) The causes of this rampant evil are inherent
      in humanity itself.

      Alice A. Bailey

      MNO> It is because one so easily can misread Bailey, that the problems
      MNO> with the books content today in the societies with Internet etc.
      MNO> get visible. I totally agree, that pro-Baileys (i.e. at least
      MNO> more than 95% of them) doesn't support the Hitler scheme. I am
      MNO> talking about the misunderstandings which comes due to the
      MNO> content of the Bailey books. The truth is, the books of Baileys
      MNO> has to be interpreted to be understood - else they comparatively
      MNO> easily can get misunderstood, and trouble comes. (Looking at:
      MNO> Alice A. Bailey "The Externalization of the Hierarchy"; p. 127).
      MNO> Agreed ?

      All esoteric writings are subject to being misunderstood, and we
      humans are quiet expert and making a mess of things. I think that
      fundamentally, the problem is not in the AAB or HPB but in the human
      readers. There are numerous passages in virtually all esoteric
      writings that become dangerous in the hands of all but the most wise
      of readers. Even the great truths become a horror.

      MNO> a) The Bailey books are not a balanced multicultural presentation on
      MNO> Theosophy.

      Actually, AAB strikes me as far more multicultural than HPB's
      writings, though I revere them both. What specific "multicultural"
      expression did you find in HPB that was omitted in Bailey?

      MNO> b) The Bailey books leans heavily towards a Chrisitan outlook unto the
      MNO> world.

      Its just about love. Bailey offers a scathing inditement of what the
      churches have done to Christ's teachings.

      There are 475 references to Buddha in the Bailey works, all positive.

      MNO> c) The Middle East is hardly mentioned in the books, but the Christian
      MNO> religion gets a whole lot of coverage.

      The Christian religion described by Bailey as a horific travesty. The
      essence of Christ's teaching is praised.

      MNO> d) The books were not intended for a Middle Eastern audience.

      Not intended for your typical church personality, East or West. Not
      easily received by anyone with narrow sectarian identifications, i.e.
      most humans.

      MNO> e) Bailey groups are connected with work at The United Nations,
      MNO> Headquarters.


      MNO> f) This is today one of the problems the books of Bailey creates
      MNO> in TODAYS international information society, where there are
      MNO> clearly visible political tensions between the Western
      MNO> politicians and The Middle Eastern ones. Agreed?

      Bailey advocates a brotherhood of persons and nations,
      internationalism, and a healing of cleavages. What specifically are
      you referring to?

      MNO> 3. Luci's Trust is sponsored by among others Robert McNamara,
      MNO> former minister of Defence in the USA, president of the World
      MNO> Bank, member of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Thomas Watson
      MNO> (IBM, former ambassador in Moscow). Luci's Trust sponsors among
      MNO> others the following organizations: UN, Greenpeace Int.,
      MNO> Greenpeace USA, Amnesty Int. and UNICEF. Agreed ?

      Apart from the question good or ill of these humans, I would not blame
      HPB for all that the Theosophical society has done, nor would I credit
      D.K., or Bailey for the character and actions of all personages who
      have adopted and sought to implement D.K.'s teaching. The teaching
      does not create wind-up toys.

      MNO> I hope it will help you. I am in no doubt about, that you mean
      MNO> well, but I think that Lucis Trust has more problems right now,
      MNO> than they themselves are aware of ! My view is, that either Lucis
      MNO> Trust changes their - business as usual politics - on PR towards
      MNO> the Middle Eastern issue - OR they will be changed by the Law of
      MNO> Karma...

      Personally, I do not spend time thinking either critically or
      defensively about Lucis Trust or the Theosophical society. I can
      address something of what Bailey, HPB, and other great writings have
      said, and relate it to my on experience and sense of things. I have
      great praise and some criticism for both these teachings. I would be
      happy to hear more of your political concerns as they relate to
      specific aspects of the ancient wisdom. Perhaps if you cited some
      specific thing deserving of careful focus--this instead of the barrage
      words which few will have adequate time for--something that relates
      clearly to what HPB or AAB wrote.

      Best Light,

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