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  • Mauri
    Recently, Leon wrote, in part:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2003
      Recently, Leon wrote, in part: <<no matter how, and from what
      point of view the absolute or conditioned space is
      examined -- the fundamental scientific laws of
      mathematical geometry and "electricity," that govern their
      interaction, and cyclic transformation from one to the
      other, is paramount. Thus, both unified and dualistic
      thinking is required, separately as well as conjunctively.
      This will allow one to understand that one "reality" gives
      birth to the other in an endless cycle of existence's, either
      as a conditioned duality within a trinity, or an
      unconditioned unity -- which, together, remain forever an
      inseparable quadratic reality within the heart of the
      Boundless ALL. (ref: "The 3 the 1, the 4 the 1 the 5, the
      twice 7 the sum total" -- a multidimensional "scientific"
      [geometric/mathematical] formula for Cosmogenesis --
      which Buddha never revealed). >>

      Those kinds of word choices seem to represent, as I see it,
      (and might represent for some people?), the kind of
      thinking that seems to suggest, or might (?) suggest to the
      average reader that <<both unified and dualistic thinking
      is required, separately as well as conjunctively>> AS IF
      "something unified" (ie, as if INSTEAD of the
      "nondual/ineffable" of the esoteric tradition) could be, or
      might be, in some cases, brought to the level of human
      "thinking" (ie, human "thinking" as opposed to
      progressive experiential/ineffable esoteric stages as per
      atma-buddhi, enlightnement, nondual Beness) as if that
      human/manasic "thinking re unified" (of something,
      whatever) could somehow represent p/Path-related
      significance (not that it couldn't, as a blind, possibly,
      alternatively?) leading toward something that, (as if as per
      the "esoteric tradition"?) at the same time somehow
      transcends human "thinking" (ie, as if human thinking,
      instead of esoteric experiencing, can somehow be
      instrumental in transcending human thinking???), though
      being ineffable, at the same time, to human thinking (as
      per the esoteric tradition!?), and as if human thinking
      (instead of esoteric experiencing, whether defined as
      "human" or not) could somehow be directly instrumental
      (and as if not just as a blind?!) in getting one all along the
      Path toward HPB's "Beness," ("Path" as per the
      intermediate stages of atma-buddhi, enlightenment,
      nirvana), which is a Path that I, for one, tend to see as at
      least far less dualistic (ie, not "thinking" related" or
      essentially dualistic as per our "ordinary reality") and far
      more experiential/esoteric than anything imaginable by
      human, essentially dualistic, thought---not that, at the
      same time, such word choices as yours, Leon, might not be
      "particularly helpful" to some people, nevertheless, as
      blinds, in some ways, maybe, but/"but" ...

      So the word choices: <<both unified and dualistic
      thinking is required, separately as well as conjunctively>>
      and the other word choices in that post tend to suggest to
      me some scenarios, purposes, frames of mind (that might
      be possible/relevant?) such as:

      1. that the author of those words wishes to offer "useful
      blinds," like HPB, hoping to convey "something
      understandable and helpful" to the general public "in the
      language of this age," say ...

      2. same as above, but that the author tends to be
      karmically immersed in exoterics, appearances, maya to
      the extent that the "Abyss" between duality (or "ordinary
      reality" as per our mainstream worldview) and
      nondualistic reality (as per the "esoteric tradition") is not
      very well acknowledged or represented by the author's
      choice of words ...

      3. variations on a theme, as per whatever
      experiential/esoteric, "mystical," or sensed, intuited and
      "reasoned/exoteric" intermediating, "helpful," "p/Path
      related" data ...

      Aside from what you, Leon, (and others?), might see
      themselves as "knowing, representing, implying," etc, I
      tend to see certain kinds of word choices, such as <<both
      unified and dualistic thinking is required, separately as
      well as conjunctively>> as suggestive of ... but there
      doesn't seem to be much point in repeating myself ...
      IMHSO, all human thoughts are, when seen as karmic
      variables (without the trimmings, as it were), and when
      seen "aside" ("in a sense"!) from their various helpful/real
      aspects within "ordinary reality," blind alleys for those
      who might have a "more serious" interest in
      enlightenment, (ie, "even though" various exoterics such
      as ABC's might have their very real usefulness in some
      ways, for some people, "in the language of this age," etc)


      PS Being a fairly new student of Theosophy, (in a sense
      ...), and relying on my HSO's (whatever they might ...) by
      way of ... whatever intuitive sources, apparently, maybe I
      should remind the reader, again, that I'm just speculating
      humbly, ("basically," as I tend to see it ...), and apparently,
      as I tend to see it, tend to prefer to keep on humbly
      speculating in the "apparent present circumstances" for as
      long as those circumstances seem to keep on appearing
      that way, for whatever reason ... although, obviously
      enough ... or apparently enough ...

      But, no (!), HSO is not my way of implying that I might be
      the reincarnation of H.S. Olcott, believe it or not. Hee hee

      PPS If you're reading this, H.S. Olcott, from wherever, no
      offense, eh, I hope!? Come to thnk of it, I do mean, I
      think, to finish reading your Diary Leaves, at some point.
      Interesting stuff. And maybe we'll get Leon to invent
      some kind communicating device so we might get some
      input from you, as well as from ... some day ... maybe ...
      Eh, Leon ... ? Wouldn't those kinds of devices be
      inventable with human thinking ... ?
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