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9218Re: Theos-World Re: God as "A Being" versus God as "No-being"

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  • samblo@cs.com
    Nov 25, 2002
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      Well, you have delved in Catholicism where I have not search that
      deeply. One
      monitor of mine was the consideration that many of the high potentates of
      the Church
      were literally Franchises and Fiefdoms of men who for the requisite fee
      the office, stature and mantle, literally some had no qualification at
      all, others were
      illiterate. I would like and appreciate a view from your perspective of
      which you came
      to consider as expressly "Initiate" by name and why as this would be a

      I might ask as regards Mead and a system whether you read or have his
      in which he delineates the Orphic Theogony with many schematic inserts?

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