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8655A Statement by Steve Stubbs

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  • Daniel H. Caldwell
    Nov 13, 2002
      I wrote:

      "OBTW, Steve, I am assuming that you do NOT consider HPB 'a
      pathological liar.' Right?"

      Steve replied:

      "As I have said before, I am not an anti-Theosophist. I do not, for
      various reasons, have much confidencve in Leadbeater, and believe Dr.
      Tillett's opinion, which is obviously very carefully considered, to
      be a competent one."

      "I shall have to leave the others to speak for themselves on the
      questions uou raise, even though I think I know what answers they
      would give."

      Steve, are you actually telling us that you believe Leadbeater was a
      pathological liar but (in your opinion) HPB was NOT a pathological

      Daniel H. Caldwell
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