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8646A Statement by Tillett

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  • Daniel H. Caldwell
    Nov 13, 2002
      Gregory Tillett wrote:

      "Given that Leadbeater was obviously a pathological liar, nothing
      can be taken on his word alone."

      Steve Stubbs commented on Tillett's statement:

      "Absolutely true, and thanks for saying ir. It is genuinely
      embarrassing that the Adyar TS extols this character to the cost of

      But I wonder if Tillett is of the opinion that HPB was ALSO "a
      pathological liar"? If that is true, the Adyar TS might not
      want to "promote" ("extol"?!) HPB either!

      I get the impression from reading material by K. Paul Johnson and
      Brigitte Muehlegger that they believe HPB was "a pathological liar."

      OBTW, Steve, I am assuming that you do NOT consider HPB "a
      pathological liar." Right?

      Daniel H. Caldwell
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