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8592Re: Master KH on "God": Mahatma Letter No. 10

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  • Steve Stubbs
    Nov 10, 2002
      --- In theos-talk@y..., "netemara888" <netemara888@y...> wrote:
      > Again you misunderstand my essay.

      Obviously that is the reason I said I was not sure I understood. If
      you re-read your e-mail you will see why some of found it puzzling.

      Since you consider yourself to be so advanced, you might leave off
      the quotation marks when you are not asking a question. A quotatuon
      mark at the end of a statement which is phrased to resemble a
      question tends to confuse us lesser mortals.

      I am talking about Humanity and
      > their lack of understanding. I am not talking about myself here.

      Re-read my e-mail and you will see I said I lacked understanfing of
      your question and was trying to politely address it, not that I
      disputed your claims of superior knowledge.

      > physical or hatha yoga is not
      > recommended at this time for enlightenment purposes--c'est tout.

      I do not do hatha yoga, preferring movement to static positions when
      exercising (and I HATE stretching), but there is no reason why others
      should not practice it if they wish. One must of coure use common
      sense with hatha yoga, as many in India have not. Nut one can damage
      oneself much more seriously with purely mental methods.

      > Enjoyed the story about Mahareshi. In the years I spent meditating
      > went to bed early and never saw a darn thing on late night TV.

      The commercial was shown during the day in the mid seventies, when
      MMY was at his peak. I wish I had taped it. It was quite funny.

      I have
      > been meditating for over 30 years.

      Well good for you. I started in the mid sixties about seven years
      before you. Long enough to know that some things are more easily
      done by the young than the more mature. Some of my teachers used to
      say that thirty years merely marked the beginning of serious study,
      so I consider ,y starting date to be irrelevant and never bring it up
      or even think about it. We will all always be students, forever.
      Even the Buddhas are still doing zazen.
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