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62400Re: theos-talk Re: Status of a presidential agency and the lodges

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  • Sampsa Kuukasjärvi
    Sep 2, 2014
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      Hi Konstantin,

      The Appendix of the Rules says that the term ”Section” refers also to Association and Agency.

      In my understanding an Agency is founded when lodges have a common Board. An Agency ceases to exist when it doesn’t have a Board. I guess it simply can’t represent its area without a Board, this is the same than with a Section or an Association.

      Or does an Agency have only one person, the Presidential Representative, representing the Society? Then if there is no that person, an Agency ceases to exist.

      I am not sure about the difference between an Agency and an Association.

      It is a pity that founding an Agency creates problems.

      2014-09-02 1:53 GMT+03:00 kay_ziatz@... [theos-talk] <theos-talk@yahoogroups.com>:

      Dear Sampsa,

      > I think it is very clear that if lodges form a Presidential Agency, they are not anymore directly attached to Adyar. How could they be?

      I understand it clearly in case of a section or an associacion but not in case of an agency.
      Rule 41 mentions lodges belonging to an agency but that's all. I couldn't find any procedure through which they can get into an agency or out of it.
      For instance, when a section or association is created, the lodges themselves decide to unite. They apply for a section or an accociation, so such bodies cannot be formed without their consent.

      > Only independent lodges and separate members may be directly attached to Adyar.

      The lodges were independent but they seem to be suddenly cease to be so.

      > In my understanding an Agency you must pay fifteen percent of your fees to Adyar, just
      > like Sections and Regional Associations must do. The payment takes place through the Agency, of course.

      Yes, they told us so. Rule 43 says so regarding national societies but the agencies are not mentioned in that rule.

      > I don't understand why you are considering to return to lodges attached to Adyar.
      > Wouldn't it be better to build a common theosophical body in Russian?
      > Most of the fees would build that, a common project.

      It would be good if it will be a voluntary association. 7 lodges will elect their GS, then it will be all right.
      For instance, Ukraine never had a presidential agency; they had lodges and later these lodges applied for an association.
      Russia once had an agency, and the results were quite detrimental for theosophical movement in Russia. Later the agency was abolished, the representative left the Society, and then TS began to grow (now there are circa 100 members). (Earlier Ukraine had to send a delegation to meet International Secretary, then Mary Anderson, and persuade her that Ukraine shouldn't be subjected to presidential representative for Russia.)
      Recently the new presidential agency for Russia was established, and some members are worried lest it create problems again.

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