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62359Re: theos-talk Independence Day Speech of Indian Prime Minister

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  • Jayananda Hiranandani
    Aug 18, 2014
      Dear MKR and Others,
      Many thanks for the wonderful observations on Modiji and theosophy.
      I wish to supplement it as follows:
      Firstly, Radhaji had a periodical whose title was something like Wake-up India. I read a little of it and it is constructive.
      Secondly, Modiji spent some years in Himalayas. He is an admirer of Swami Vivekananda.
      Thirdly, we need a lot more to be done, not only in India, but also elsewhere. In this context I am giving an extract from a letter that I sent to India-West, which they published. It is:
      In 1977, Morarji Desai came to power defeating Indira Gandhi. There were great expectations and he was a capable leader. An illusion was created that a change of leadership would work wonders. It is now history that they were belied and Indira came back. Similarly, Rajiv had a big majority in 1984 after his mother's unfortunate and sad death, but again high hopes remained unfulfilled. Man Mohan Singh's success a Finance Minister raised great hopes for  him as PM. But the 2014 election shows that many of them were empty. I am not a pessimist, but a realist. The change, rather mutation, has to come in the hearts and minds of all - bureaucracy, businessmen and business women, and many others. The question I wish to pose is: has Modi led BJP's victory created this mutation? Without this mutation the time-honoured character of electoral democracy is there that it can throw out a bad leadership, but that does not ensure that a god one will come.
      In this context, I would like to recall a speech by Radhaji. It is "The Decline of the Indian Mind." It was a talk given in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in, I believe 1977. "The Indian Theosophist" published it.
      The word mutation that I have used is based on Krisnaji's works.
      Thanking you,
      Yours cordially,
      Jayananda Hiranandani
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