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62357TS - You get what you deserve

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  • .:.MKR777
    Aug 17, 2014
      You get what you deserve. This is a well known doctrine that applies at all levels – individuals, groups, organizations and countries.

      When the Policy of Silence was announced during last Presidential election, it was one never heard of in any democratic election. Looked very strange and confusing to ordinary members who were not privy to the details of how and why this was pushed in such unison by the General Council members from all over the world. Nor, even after the election, none of the leaders and scholars have discussed or explained the rationale to the members. The quote from Sri Ram’s comment on election of lodge members did not hold water with common sense.

      While those who developed and implemented the policy of silence might have rejoiced at the final outcome of the election, the fact that TS has got a part-time, itinerant and little known President cannot be glossed over. Over the last century, no one could have ever imagined it. All successful organizations - spiritual or temporal or business have always had full time leadership. So the recent election outcome may be a warning omen for the TS.Who knows?

      Looking at the situation from a theosophical background, it seems that TS has received what it deserved. Of course, every one shares the responsibility for it. It appears that the urgent task is to identify possible reasons for it and see what immediate corrections are needed. In the opinion of the writer, it is a task for each and every theosophist and a consensus can be arrived at and tried.

      Are we all ready for it???