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62353Re: theos-talk Independence Day Speech of Indian Prime Minister

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  • .:.MKR777
    Aug 15, 2014
      Here are the highlights of his speech:

      Looking at the various points mentioned, it looks like a real theosophist at heart is speaking. This could have been delivered by a theosophical leader. You may want to read and come to your own conclusion.



      • Today Indians, both in India and all over the world are celebrating Independence Day. As a Pradhan Sevak, I convey my greetings

      (Pradhan Sevak - Prime Public Servant)

      • The struggle for freedom went on for years, generations sacrificed their lives even at the prime of their youth

      • I salute all those who sacrificed themselves for India's freedom

      • These days give us inspiration and they showcase the national character. This day can inspire us to take India to newer heights

      Leaders or rulers did not make this nation. Nor did governments. It is farmers, labourers, women, youth, seers, scientists who made it

      • All PMs, governments have contributed. All governments of the states have contributed. I offer my respect to all of them

      Let us walk together, think together, and make a determination to take the nation ahead together

      • We are not those who want to move ahead on the basis of our mandate. We want to walk together with consensus

      • Want to take all parties together and we succeeded in taking Opposition together. Credit does not go to PM or govt but also to Opposition

      • I am an outsider to Delhi. But an outsider came to Delhi and got an insider view. I was surprised. What I am saying is not about politics

      • I saw that even in one government there were different governments. It was as if each had their own Jagirs

      • One government department is quarrelling against the other. Matters reached the Supreme Court too. How can we take India ahead like this

      • Govt. is not an assembled entity but an organic entity. I have tried to break down these walls

      • When I read that with the new government officers came on time I was not happy- should officers coming on time be news

      • I came from outside Delhi but I can say there is immense skill in the people who are in government. I want to integrate their strengths

      • Is it not our duty to build an India that our forefathers dreamt of. Do we think how our work is helping the poor of India

      Everything is not for us. There are something things that should be for the nation. Let's think beyond 'what about me' and look at the nation

      • Our head hangs in shame when we hear news about rape. Parents ask about daughters but did anyone dare ask their sons

      • After all a person raping is someone's son. As parents have we asked our sons where he is going. Why not put same yardstick for sons too

      • Law will take its own path but we need to take responsibility to bring our sons who deviated from right path to bring them back

      • With the gun you can make the earth red but if you have a plough you can make the earth green. Till when will we take others' lives

      We have not got anything from the path of violence

      Need of the hour is to leave the path of violence

      • Sadly we saw instances of communal violence for long. Till when will this go on. No one has gained anything from this

      • Be it caste or communal violence, they stall the growth of the nation. Let us affirm that we will be free from these tensions

      Just see how the path of peace, unity, brotherhood helps towards India's growth. Let's take path of Sadbhavana

      • Have we seen our sex ration? Who is creating this imbalance in society. Not Almighty. I appeal to doctors not to kill the girl child

      • I appeal to parents not to sacrifice the girl child. I have seen families where 1 daughter served parents more than even 5 sons

      • Our sportspersons have brought us immense pride. So many brought us medals and I am proud that there are several daughters too

      • To take India ahead the only ways ahead are development and good governance

      • We believe in Jan Bhagidari. We believe in taking everyone together

      • PM Jan Dhan Yojana - we want to integrate the poorest of the poor with bank accounts

      • We are a youthful nation. Our youth are our strength. The world and India needs a skilled workforce

      • Let our youth get skills..those skills that contribute towards a strong India. We want youngsters who are job creators

      • The world has changed. We can't think about our development journey isolated from the world

      • We need to give impetus to manufacturing sector

      • I tell the world- Come, Make In India. Sell anywhere but manufacture here. We have the skill and talent

      • Our dream should be that all over the world we can say-Made in India

      • Let us come together and think of ways India does not have to import but we export to the world

      • We want to give an impetus to tourism. Tourism gives opportunities to the poorest of the poor

      You would think that from Red Fort he is talking about cleanliness and toilets but I am speaking from the heart

      I come from a poor family and I want the poor to get dignity. We want to start a movement for a Clean India

      • I announce an initiative – Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. If we have to build the nation we have to start from the villages

      • 11th October is Jay Prakash Narayan's birth anniversary. On that day we will share the blueprint with MPs and states

      • People are asking for a while now – what about the Planning Commission. Today the times have changed from the time the Planning Commission was created

      • Importance of federal structure is only increasing. This is a good thing and we have to strengthen it

      • In a short span of time we will initiative a new institution that will work in place of the Planning Commission

      • Can we not wage a war and emerge victorious against poverty. Let us defeat poverty

      The strength of the saviour is much more than the strength of the person who kills. Lets unite to fight poverty.


      On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 12:01 AM, '.:.MKR777' mkr777@... [theos-talk] <theos-talk@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Today India is celebrating its Independence Day. India has a new Prime Minister and he delivered his first Independence Day speech. When read through the speech, I felt it was as if  from a theosophist talking about issues affecting the common man and woman on the lines discussed in the famous Maha Chohan’s letter. You may enjoy the summary of the speech in the newsmedia. Here is the link:



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