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62350Olcott School at Adyar

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    Aug 14, 2014
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      Here is an article about the Olcott School at Adyar. It is refreshing read and recognize the foresight of Olcott in furthering practical theosophy. While he is one of the very few who had frequent contact with the Adepts, he was no idle dreamer talking about esoteric fuzzy ideas, he was a man of action and the good that the school has been doing is far reaching. It has affected the lives of many many over the years. It is hoped it is an example to all of us, including the leadership that all fuzzy talk need to be followed up with practical application of theosophy. I am reminded about the well known Maha Chohan letter in which there is no mention of the esoteric and secret activities including all the rituals and other gimmicks that many believe will help.

      Here is the article:
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