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62345TS - Election - Silencing of Internet Websites

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  • .:.MKR777
    Aug 11 4:26 AM
      When the President Election started, the now historically famous Silence Policy, with the fig leaf justification by misquoting Bro Sri Ram’s statement on lodge elections, was effectively enforced by the enforcers. No one should be surprised why the GC members complied and it was a very clear demonstration of the power the enforcers were wielding behind the scenes.

      What surprised many was the silencing of a couple of Internet websites which claimed to be independent. When websites fell in line with the Silence Policy, many were surprised and started speculating. While the tactics used to keep GC members in line does not seem appropriate for external entities such as the websites, a highly plausible answer may be power money may have played.

      Many times, money does play crucial role very very indirectly. Only future can tell how the tentacles of the enforcers reached even Internet websites. Anyone has any info???