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  • .:.MKR777
    Apr 6 9:50 PM
      In the grapevine, from time to time one hears complaints from organizational theosophists and even some leaders that some of the posts here contain inaccurate or even wrong information. Most of the time, these complainers rely on second hand information and do not care to check them out themselves first hand.

      The messages on theos-talk are public and can be accessed at the yahoo groups site. These complainers would do a lot of favors to all of us if they take time to verify facts in the messages and if they do find any of them erroneous or incorrect, they are most welcome to correct them. That would help everyone.

      We should look forward to the day when all the elected officials of TS participate in this or other open inter-active theosophical Internet forums. Unidirectional communication technology of the past has given way to multi-directional one with the advent of Internet. TS leaders have an unique opportunity   to jump on what today’s Internet provides. Let us see what is in store for the future.