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61781TS Election - Heard thru Grapevine

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  • .:.MKR777
    Apr 5, 2014
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      In the Indian Section, the info from grapevine is that intense electioneering is going on especially with a view to get the western candidate elected.

      As none of the Indian voters know anything about the western candidate, some members are trying to entice the voters from a money angle. Historically no theosophical work was hindered by lack of money.

      One claim is that a lot of money has been donated recently to Adyar from the West and hence Indian members should support the western candidate. But no one has been able to confirm if this really true and if so how large the sum is. Some members take it with a grain of salt and think that it is just a ruse to entice members and quite possibly is a very remote promise possibility in the future. There are also some who try to advance the speculation  that a Westerner would be able to generate a lot donations just like it happened a couple of years ago when Dalai Lama got large donations from the public in the USA and the theosophists in Chicago participated in it.

      While all of the above are possibly going on, no one responsible for the integrity of the election in India has told the members what actions they have taken to address the recent serious allegations from highly credible sources. As usual we have not heard anything from the GC members and General Secretaries either.

      Since the allegations are very serious and may affect the final outcome of the election, those responsible should address them quickly and also transparently so that the members world-wide would have faith in the integrity of the outcome of the election. If a cloud is hanging, no leader can effectively lead. This is all the more so with TS.

      Let us keep tuned to see what next is in store.