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61773TS Election - Nomination of GS of Indian Section

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  • .:.MKR777
    Apr 4, 2014

      In January, Keith Fisher wrote:

      "This promises to be a very interesting election, probably with some unexpected surprises.  Radha made it quite clear to me that she wanted a Westerner to succeed her, in order to maintain the International status of the Society and the Adyar estate.  Apparently, this helps deter the government from enforcing a compulsory land acquisition order.


      It is interesting to note that the Indian Section nominated Tim Boyd, but not Maithreya, so who knows what message Radha transmitted through the ES grapevine before her demise."

      MKR Comments:

      What we hear from India is that Indian Section was not unified behind their GS in his nomination and the choice is seen as a personal one.

      Till today he has not explained to Indian members the reasons behind his decision since many expected him to use all the three nominations he was entitled to and most do not know anything about Boyd whereas many know Maithreya due to his theosophical activities for several decades.

      There is also a very strong suspicion in the minds of many is his being the Trustee of KFI and the school's  move out of Damodar Gardens pending and it is well known in Chennai that the school would like to continue to stay there for ever and the perception that the Trustees are waiting for the outcome of the election to see if a western President is likely to be more philosophically sympathetic and may find a way to help the school stay for ever. Members should be reminded that the K School caters to super rich and the current TS plan is to use Damodar Gardens for vocational education of the poor students, after the K School moves out.

      The Indian members seem to be deeply divided in falling behind the GS in his choice. We will have to wait and see what developments are in store especially in the light of recent allegations in voting.