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61769Re: theos-talk TS Election - New Post in UK

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  • .:.MKR777
    Apr 2, 2014
      Any allegation of impropriety in the election is a very serious matter as it undermines the very foundation of democracy whether it is for a Country or an organization.

      Theosophy which holds to highest standards makes it all the more critical that even an appearance of impropriety should be dealt with very urgently and decisively and membership transparently informed what the allegations are and what was done to investigate them and what were the results and what action was taken to fix any problems that were found.

      In the present election, from what members hear is that there are some serious problems. We also hear that many members of the GC are aware of the allegations.

      The Election Committee and those responsible to make sure that the election is carried out with no cloud hanging over it, have to move very quickly and more importantly keep members world-wide promptly informed. Continuance of current policy of silence cannot help but damage TS.

      If any malfeasance was found in the election, not only re-balloting be done, and swift action taken on those responsible.

      It is time that the Election Committee and GC come out of their silence and tell the membership what is going on. 



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