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61765TS & ES - From Geoffrey Hodson's Diary

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    Apr 2, 2014
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      Since Radhaji did not nominate anyone to succeed her as the OH of ES, there is a lot of discussions about it. Ordinary members are not privy to anything she discussed with her confidants on this issue.

      Geoffrey Hodson, well known lecturer and author, kept an occult diary which was posthumously published under the title - The Light of the Sanctuary and it has very valuable information. Unfortunately, it is out of print and looks like it will never get reprinted soon. But in this age of digitization, I ran into a digitized file. In it, there is a very important comment which I think is very relevant today. Here is the quote:

      3 December 1976

      The Master Morya

      The closing of the E.S. would be a tragedy, if only because membership in it, attendance at its meetings, the vision of the portraits, the acceptance of the teachings and disciplines, are distinct indications - proof, in fact - that the member has both found a link with the Masters and the Masters with him, thereby fulfilling the Law to which you do so often and rightly refer: no one is ever overlooked.

      For this purpose alone, of those members who join the E.S there undoubtedly are those who are approaching and others who have reached the evolutionary stage at which Adeptic response to idealism is assured and occurs, who receive the answers to their prayers, the outstretched hand of the Teacher.

      In addition, the letter, whilst having some good points, almost entirely ignores the great class of aspirants to the higher life who are bhaktis, devotees, in fact For these, all the arguments in the world and all the destructive conclusions of others are as nothing. It would be a great mistake if ever the T.S. were to lose the E.S.

      Say so, Geoffrey, underlined; FOR THIS MUST NOT OCCUR.

      Large numbers of Egos, some of them reincarnated from the Mystery Schools of old, are coming into the world and the T.S. at this time, who are far less doctrinaire students and exponents of Theosophy than idealists and devotees ascending along the mystic pathway. These must not be left without a base and centre from which their aspirations may be fulfilled, and this would be the case if the E.S., Co-Masonry, and... were to be closed.

      Our idea is surely better, for We seek to destroy naught but only to build the T.S. as an increasingly Theosophy-teaching organization.


      MKR Comments:

      I have been around theosophists for a long time and have personally known many members of the ES who are very fine men and women who exemplified the First Object in their everyday lives and the zeal, commitment and sacrifices to the cause were very obvious. So there can be no doubt that ES had a very positive effect in regenerating their lives. And of course, from time to time, we may find some bad apples bent on power and importance and we should not confuse them with the majority of silent workers who benefited by joining ES and they worked for the cause of theosophy. It is the sacrifice of the many unknown members that is the foundation of TS.