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61759TS Election - Allegation in Indian Section

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  • .:.MKR777
    Mar 31, 2014
      We learnt through grapevine, election problems in India especially in the Karnataka Federation which has a very large number of members. It appears that many GC members are aware of the allegations which seem to be very credible.

      Election tampering is taken very seriously in all democratic countries and they all have criminal penalties because it affects the very foundation of democracy.

      We do not know what is being done by the Election Committee which is responsible to make sure that the election is done right.

      While the election committee, by the TS Rules, do not have tell anything to members, we are in the 21st century when information travels fast and wide with the help of Internet. Generally the GSs do not take time to keep the members informed of ongoing developments even though today it is very easy to do so.

      The election committee has a moral duty to keep the members informed because if the election of next president is seen as tampered with, the next President will have great difficulties in leading TS.

      While the TS Rule does not give guidance in the above matter, the Rule does not say everyone should be silent and should not keep members informed.

      I hope the GC members and the candidates take the above seriously and push the Election Committee to act urgently, decisively and transparently. If the Election Committee wants to keep all of us informed on a ongoing basis, they can ask someone to act as a spokesperson and release such information that would be helpful. Once the information is released, Internet will take care of distribution to members world-wide.

      My 0.02