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61758TS Election - An update

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  • .:.MKR777
    Mar 30, 2014
      In a month we will know who the next International President is. Unlike in previous elections, we are hearing rumors of tampering of balloting in the Indian Section and now the rumor has it that it is centered in the Karnataka Federation which has nearly 3,000 votes. Additional allegation is that the Indian Section has printed ballots far too excess of the number of voters. It also appears that the officials at Adyar and many GC members are aware of this.

      While some may feel that the policy of silence during election may be golden, (all the reasons advanced look unconvincing)  the above allegations need to be taken very seriously and actions taken to address it be broadcast to members world-wide to keep them timely informed. While the issue is local to the Indian Section and what happens inside the Section is normally their own business, the credibility of the outcome is essential as it relates to the election of International President.

      How the election process is handled and the controls built-in to prevent tampering and the controls surrounding the tallying of votes is secret. Only full transparency can fix the problem once and for all.

      We do not know why the Indian GS is shy of taking the offensive and throw the process fully open and let any member witness the balloting and ballot counting. The GS has nothing to loose. He has everything to gain because, if the adequate controls are there and the ballot counting is thrown open to members no one can question the outcome of the election.

      It is time that the leaders at Adyar keep all of us informed how they have fixed the problem.

      Let us keep tuned.


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