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  • .:.MKR777
    Mar 5, 2014
      Since the time candidates for President were announced, several attempts were made to get more information from the candidates simply because both of them are virtually unknown.  An attempt was made to help them by providing a simple and short questionnaire which can be answered in ten minutes. But there was no response.

      Members thought General Council members who nominated them would know them and their policies better, and would help educate their constituents. But alas, not only they did not care to help educate their constituents but put pressure on the candidates not to get into any interaction with voters.

      We should point out that many of the voting members clamoring for information, have been members longer than the candidates and most GC members, and have provided silent yeoman service and sacrifice to theosophy and given liberally to TS and have not taken a single penny from TS. So it is but reasonable that they ask for information from candidates and they have full moral right to do so. Not responding in inexcusable and justifying by quotes from Sri Ram or anyone else is just laughable.

      Voting members have every right to demand transparency from the candidates, GC and its members and the balloting process as well. The built-in protection in all democratic organizations is full transparency. Lack of transparency can and does expose people in power to do things hurtful to the organization as well as its members. Classic example in TS was the failed ultra secret attempt that emanated from Wheaton leadership to disenfranchise all members. In a transparent world, no one in right mind, would even dream of  taking away anyone’s voting rights.

      Too long, leaders enjoyed operating in opaque culture with all its drawbacks, and even Master KH’s attention was drawn resulting in the warning He gave to Besant about unnecessary secrecy killing many organizations.

      Hopefully the leaders would realize the seriousness of the warning and take the hint and run.