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    Nov 18, 2013
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      On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Sampsa Kuukasjärvi <sampsa.kuukasjarvi@...> wrote:

      In my opinion there are two very strong candidates. They have travelled much, are known on all continents and they have lived at Adyar for years. They are not very old; under sixty both. They are a couple. At this moment they live in Australia. So now everybody guesses whom I am thinking. :)

      We will have to see how the nominations stack up. With one vote for one GC member, no one should be surprised if there are some surprising black horses in the race. I am sure that there are many aspiring candidates for the job - each one for their own reason.

      My only hope is we do not see an octogenerian candidate who is too old and who cannot travel and lecture. (There may be those who argue that these have all the wisdom that can be used by TS).

      Even with Internet and other modes of communication, there is no substitute for the President visiting lodges world wide see for himself or herself what is going on. For the past decade, even in the USA, rarely we have seen the elected leaders travel and lecture in lodges. 

      Of course, in India there are good candidates, but in my understanding they are not known very well in other countries. Some who are known, are too aged or are not running for presidency, like P. Krishna or Ravi Ravindra. In Europe there is strong Kim-Dieu, but she is not very known elsewhere.

      Again, the issue of health and be able to travel is crucial. Of course the credibility of the candidate in the minds of the members is also key. I would not like to see any of those who were involved in the failed electioneering in 2008 and the followup failed ultra secret disenfranchisement attempt run for the office since they have already shown their mind set with regard to the election of the President.
      I hope that in the game there will be also some young aces like Pablo from Argentina... :) We need a young president.

      Oratorical skill is critical for the next president. Both Olcott and Besant were good lecturers and during their time TS grew far and wide. I hope we find someone who is a good orator. In this context, Benjamin Disraeli comes to my mind. He became the Prime Minister because of his oratorical ability. 

      2013/11/10 .:.MKR777 <mkr777@...>



      It would be very interesting. There was no succession planning and any candidate is going have a tough time in picking up and moving forward. Hope another septua or octo generian does not succeed.


      On Nov 10, 2013 2:19 PM, "Sampsa Kuukasjärvi" <sampsa.kuukasjarvi@...> wrote:

      I heard that the president candidates will be set and known until around January 11. After that there will be the election time of 15 weeks.


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