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      First Manifestation:

      The Logos irradiates the sphere of Matter, drawn round Him, as the field for the future Universe, flashing with unimaginable splendor. He is a mountain of Light invisible except on the spiritual planes. Sphere of Matter is the Primary Substance (Prathana). Logos is self-conditioned, inseparable at every point with the Matter.

      Second Manifestation:

      Logos draws Himself a little apart from the Matter. It is self-conditioned Will. It leads the Creative Activity. This position is stated as Second Logos.The relation between the First and the Second is like that of a Father and Son. Second Logos is Wisdom.

      Third Manifestation:

      Now the unmanifest has begun to manifest. When the Divine Activity commences, forms are made. We call this the Third Logos.

      Before the state of commencement of Divine Activity, Monads – the Units of Consciousness are originated.

      A Field of Universe is to be made for the operation of Monads – which we call the Evolution of  Matter. These Monads are generated within the Divine Life, as germ-cells in an organism. Field for their evolution is the Universe.

      Many arise in the One by the act of Will.

      Will has two aspects within: Attraction and Repulsion. When the repulsion activity commences/ energizes, there is Separation, driving apart.

      The First Logos – the Undivided Lord – is the Eternal Father.

      By the action of Will, the Monads are originated. The One multiplies and becomes many.

      [Extracted from the author’s book “Some Significant Factors in Theosophy”]





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