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60819Atheist Mega Churches and opportunity for Theosophy

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  • .:.MKR777
    Nov 10 6:36 PM
      With many disillusioned about the traditional religions and its blind beliefs and rituals, there is a growing movement of mega churches attracting atheists. Theosophists should take a note of this trend and present a great opportunity to present itself to this growing crowd. I recall that one of the aims of theosophy was to make people aware of the blind beliefs and superstitions so that they can intelligently move forward with the principles presented by theosophy. While we move forward, let us also be aware of the approach that many theosophists have fallen into more like that of rigid religious beliefs. The future is in those who are independent thinkers and this leads to correct actions in their daily life which engenders happiness in ourselves and our fellow beings.

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