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    Jan 7, 2013
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      The school is making progress in building a vocational center built in a
      small area of the Damodar Gardens cleared by Krishnamurti School.

      The value of land in Chennai has skyrocketed and the school enjoyed 1973
      lease amount which is peanuts in today's price and there was no escalation
      clause (why this was left out is a mystery) and hence the school continues
      to enjoy the freebee to the detriment of TS which owns the land.

      The school is very expensive and you will not find the fee details in their
      website. A visitor commented that even Krishnaji as a student could not
      afford it.

      The parents of current students unsuccessfully tried various means of
      continuing to stay in Damodar Gardens. Those who decided not to renew the
      lease and use the property for the benefit of Olcott Memorial School should
      be commended and it is the most theosophical decision anyone can take. We
      should all rejoice.

      Anyone who can financially support the school would earn very good Karma
      since the school serves the most needy segment.


      On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 1:39 PM, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:

      > **
      > As we all are aware of the discussions about Krishnamurti School vacating
      > Damodar Gardens to make room for expansion of Olcott Memorial School.
      > Tuition at K School is very expensive and hence only fat cats can afford to
      > send their kids. So the decision of TS to make them move is the right thing
      > to do.
      > I just read the statement of Olcott when he started the school for
      > panchamas or untouchables.
      > 'He founded schools for the outcastes in South India. Colonel Olcott
      > stipulated that no school
      > fees should be charged; that the school hours were to be convenient for the
      > occupations of the
      > domestic servants and others who might seek education; that no Christian or
      > other proselytism
      > was to be permitted; Tamil (reading, writing and correct spelling) as well
      > as arithmetic, English
      > speaking and Hindustani speaking were to be taught.'
      > I also want to point out his emphasis on Hindustani. Today it is the most
      > widely used language across India and ability to use it is invaluable.
      > MKR
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