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  • M. Sufilight
    Jan 31, 2012
      Dear John and friends

      My views are:

      Sorry about that, - the quote about rememrance of past lives was not in SD and Isis.......

      Here is the proper quote - I was in the Theosophical Glossary (1892):
      St. Germain, the Count of.
      "There are Initiates, and not the highest either, who are placed in a condition to remember more than one of their past lives. But we have good reason to know that St. Germain could never have claimed “personal intimacy ” with the Saviour. How ever that may be, Count St. Germain was certainly the greatest Oriental Adept Europe has seen during the last centuries. But Europe knew him not. Perchance some may recognise him at the next Terreur which will affect all Europe when it comes, and not one country alone."
      (So we ask who was Skt. Germain incarnated as in the 1930'ties when he went to Berlin - when he once more communicated with just another "frivolous and incapable Minister!" like he did in France before the revolution.......?)


      Avesa is as far as I learn the overshadowing of a person. And such overshadowings take place in the most varying degree's also among chelas and beginner chelas says the inner teachings.
      And yes - normally - remembering past lives accurately - only happens at an advanced stage of Arhatship. No doubt about it.

      Being an Arhat is 4th initiation, but there are three more initiations before one become a true Dhyan Chohan and an Avatar, is wearing the Dharmakaya robe - and - go beyond time. And so says Blavatsky and the esoteric Buddhists. At this "place" - we are - Omnipresent (present at all times in the past, present, and the future) and omniscient - with regard to all duality worlds on our chain (and other chains might be included in other respect than out earth-chain) - down to the last dot of the spider and its web nesting at your front-porch. This in this paragraph is what I claim. And all right anyone can claim this - but to claim it based on experience - is of course clearly something else.

      On the Atma teaching I can only agree very much.....Here are a few words...which I have caught from various books and experiences...

      We mistake the rope for a snake - and have the feeling of being an individual, while we in fact and in truth are Brahman or Parabrahm ourselves.
      So all forms are Brahman or Logos.
      We should not fragement ourselves, and consider us low and mean, and human - or become emotional, or use assumptions as knowledge or prejudice.
      Such a kind of fragmentation is a sign of ignorance.
      Not realising the truth, and the truth of this is ignorance.
      The recognition of truth is Wisdom.
      In reality wisdom and ignorance - is not something you get only from textual knowledge, as a primary.
      Everything is of Wisdom (Jnana or Dzyan). The whole world in fact.
      The individual in society is full of wisdom - also esoterical and theosoophical societies.
      The Wisdom is an aspect of the Divine.
      The Divine is Wisdom, truth and initinite in their totality and more than this.

      The World of duality, time and existence is Maya. But the truth is shown there. And the truth is the Divine.
      We are surrounded by Maya (illusorical reality). Maya cannot catch us, it is us who catches Maya.
      Let go of Maya. Maya can never harm you. It is only you who might go and harm yourselves.
      It is you who has trapped Maya, - it is not Maya who has trapped you.
      Just like we have caught Maya - we should catch Brahman instead.
      When you stand one with the Law of Karma - you are that very thing - and go beyond.
      Karma is not a solitary thing. If one of us fall, others are affected by it. If one of us raise to the spiritual heights others are affected as well.
      And Brahman is Atma. Atma is within our own selves. Our view about ourselves are false. We are verily Brahman - in the NOW and beyond the NOW - in the present moment and then beyond this moment.
      In the New Testament Jesus said "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are gods'?" - (Gospel of John 10:34, and )
      And "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are gods'?Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" (Corinthians 3:16)
      "And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after [them], nor follow [them]." (Gospel of Luke 17:23, and )
      The Quran says: "for we are nigher to him [Allah] than his jugular vein!" (Sura 50:6).
      And Brahman is not this, not that. Neti, neti, as they say among the Snowy mountains.


      The Secret Doctrine Vol. I, p. 26 (likely taken form an ancient version of the Rig Veda)

      "Nor Aught nor Nought existed; yon bright sky
      Was not, nor heaven's broad roof outstretched above.
      What covered all? what sheltered? what concealed?
      Was it the water's fathomless abyss?
      There was not death — yet there was nought immortal,
      There was no confine betwixt day and night;
      The only One breathed breathless by itself,
      Other than It there nothing since has been.
      Darkness there was, and all at first was veiled
      In gloom profound — an ocean without light —
      The germ that still lay covered in the husk
      Burst forth, one nature, from the fervent heat.

      . . . . . . . .

      Who knows the secret? who proclaimed it here?
      Whence, whence this manifold creation sprang?
      The Gods themselves came later into being —
      Who knows from whence this great creation sprang?
      That, whence all this great creation came,
      Whether Its will created or was mute,
      The Most High Seer that is in highest heaven,
      He knows it — or perchance even He knows not."

      "Gazing into eternity . . .
      Ere the foundations of the earth were laid,

      . . . . .

      Thou wert. And when the subterranean flame
      Shall burst its prison and devour the frame . . .
      Thou shalt be still as Thou wert before
      And knew no change, when time shall be no more.
      Oh! endless thought, divine ETERNITY."

      M. Sufilight

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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Morten, all,

      Morten your the one with the DVD global search, do a search for "Blavatsky in Paris" and see what pops. I don't have the DVD, I keep prevarigating about which one is the best and whether they all hve complete global search ar whether ordering the phil ipines product should be done and what version is th Wheaton version? lol! I would like to get the dvd one daylol!

      Yes, "Master P hillipe" is/was Nezier A nthe lme Phillipe Vachot(r ). And the Russian C ount Witte was Madame Blavatsky's cousin.

      If you search your Theosophy DVD for "Avesa" it should l end some information about the developmental stage of advance that allows past lives to be viewed, the eastern school predicates this ability upon high stage of perfection of the way. My view is that the accumulations of past lives and incarnations have the depository of the 8th consciousness the "Storehouse' consciousness of B uddhism, the 8th sphere Daath of kabala. It acts as the repository of the aggregates that compose the contents of the 5 sk andhas that are the records of karmic activity. Th ey have for habitation and limit the manisfest projection of mayavic reality and are produced to reanimate a co ntinuation of leela. I think the quality and accuracy of one's recall is largely determined by one's past and accumulated progress on the way and that there can be flawed recall and highly accurate recall depending upon the state of ea ch players quality of advance, so n ot all recalls can be trusted until the higher stage is arrived.

      I noticed a special condition that over some 40 years I have read of perhaps four time in regards to healing. That being the Healer is precluded from healing their own direct offspring. This was the case with both of Master P hillipe's children, his son died at an early age and his daughter he himself tells that he was precluded from saving her life. Perhaps that old adage "the sins of the father are visited onto the 7th generation" have more import than it has been given in terms of the dynamics of karma. Krishna tells Arjun in the Bhagavad G ita -- Arjun some day you will see arrayed before all the many personas you have been and you will laugh. Laugh becuase when one has arrived they know they are not and never were the masks they have worn for thousands of different incarnations in terms of Atma. I n all the actions committed none were of the A tma which is always the Observor/knower, the "d oer" was the secondary reality assumption removed from the non-dual , can only presence in the secondary wo rld of maya.

      Just my personal take on the Play of Life which takes pla ce in the O cean of Beauty. L ol, B eauty and the Beasts.


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      From: "M. Sufilight" <global-theosophy@...>
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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Interesting question...

      A few views on it...
      I think you are right, although I do not have any documentation on it.
      Perhaps Encausse has some info or people related to him in their letters.

      Gerard Encausse.
      (Gerard Encausse knew him no doubt...A book by le Maitre Philippe's (that is the same as you call - Nezier Anthelm Phillip - is it not?) carries a cover by Encausse.... As we know Blavatsky and Encausse had a fall out...and Encausse resigned the TS disagreeing on the Eastern Doctrines...and preferred it seems Spiritualism or similar...something Blavatsky despised...and called sorcery and worse...But then again the old lady was known to spit out "lava" from time to time. Who knows?)

      My ESP tells me to seek the year 1884. But maybe it is just a long shot. It was as I sense it about the time when Solovyov meet Blavatsky in Paris. (See Case 44) - But maybe it was later...1886 or so?
      I sense there is a letter telling something on it left over somewhere from the archives of one of the Spiritual Schools in Paris. But my ESP is not reliable...So take it all with a grain of salt, I do that myself...

      Blavatsky wrote interestingly that some persons can know about their past lives - sometimes - and not be very highly developed, despite this. I think it to be true, since I sense I was incarnated in England in my last incarnation - and I am not highly developed. (smile.) This view by her can be found in the Secret Doctrine Vol. I somewhere in the last hundred or two pages of the volume - (or else it is an reference to Isis vol. II on it).

      M. Sufilight

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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Morten, all

      Madame Blavatsky more then once made trips to Paris and had opportunity to meet whomever
      she deisred there. I wonder if she may have been in touch with "Nezier Anthelm Phillipe of Lyon", he was one of the interesting personages listed in regards to the "Invisible Basilica" article I posted recently. He was a "healer" who could view his past incarnations and made interesting prophecies about the future of Russia. Here is a bio about this man who bars an uncanning face on resemblence to some one I used to know in this present life.

      Master Phillipe of Lyon

      >>> http://www.philipcoppens.com/philippedelyon.html <<<


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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question


      Well, I do have a few selected views lol! I don't agree with all the cut and paste excerpts you so handily fill the room with since you managed to get the DVD's about Theosophy and Madame Blavatsky, most of which have utterly zero to do with the posted contents by others though you attempt to alledge you are sincerely responding to their topic.

      For instance, when I posted about Agvan Dorgiev and Pyotr Badmaev the article's on the webpage quite explicitely detailed that both Czar Alexander II and Czar Nicolas II rejected completely and totally the suggestions put forward by Dorgiev and Badmaev. Their idea's were stopped in their tracks by the decision of the ruling Monarchs, the Czar'sin serial order of succession.

      So what did you respond with? A cut and paste quote of Madame Blavatsky saying her personal opinion of Russia's intention to invade or rule Tibet. I really can't agree to that proposition even if Madame Blavatsky or the Mahatma's held that view, it is simply false in real history. Where is the historical proof in retrospect of time passed that would in any manner or form since show evidence of Russia advancing into Tibet, not withstanding the fact that Russia has no common border with Tibet then or now and also the explicite well published position of both Czars that they entertained no desire to accomplish such a foreign policy action.

      I will say one thing and the only thing i know of that possible may cuase on the falsely see that future, it is this: During the times os struggle in Russia counter forces to the Czar became active in the entitys of the Red and White Armys joined against the Ruling Czar, they were defeated but in Younghusbands narratives if I recall rightly, he said that about 150 of the "White Russian" soldiers has somehow made it to the region of Tibet and found temporary sanctury there from the Czar's troops who were attempting to round up the scattered Red and White Army Troops for prosequestion. That is the solitary example of any reason for the Czar to have a serious compelling reason which is nt a major tactical reason at all.

      I enjoy a real response that really does respond to what I post. BTW, you liberally post many cut and past's to us while you reply back to us that you don't have the time to read what we all post, isn't that a little self serving and disingenious?

      I read what Madame Blavatsky is recorded to have said that was in your post about authority, parliments, oaths, organizations, religions, and that whole bit, but? Where did she get that view from? Well, she was from Little Russia, the Ukraine today and that was the seat of Russian Government under Catherine the Great of Russia then. Russia has a unique long history that inside itself it inculcated certain widely found views shared by all ,even the highest and landed held dear to their loving breasts. It is called "Sobornost" representative of the "Mystical Anarchists" of Russia who advocated abolition of all external Authorities and all constraints on the individual, government, and social customs, and they are indifferent to the "Legal Rights" of individuals as merely formal "Freedoms" and opposed "Constitutions" and "Parliments" in favor of the "Sobornost" as a replacement to the prevailing reality's of the West's decadency. And in terms of Russia's social development early on Sobornost described the structural frame of the collective serfs and farmers.I do find it very easy to see that Madame Blavatsky was, having grown up and known, and having exposure to such common views then (But quite unknown to all of us today, and even back then to most British and Americans) and especially since she read every book in her great great Grandfathers huge wonderful library, and, also knowing what an amazing capacity and curious inquiring mind she possessed that I am close to where it really originated from. Here are couple of online contents:

      Sobornost --Wikipedia

      >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sobornost <<<

      Sobornost --- Google Search

      >>> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=pfwl&cp=6&gs_id=s&xhr=t&q=Sobornost&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&site=&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=Soborn&aq=0&aqi=g4&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=39d4c75cd492ccc4&biw=875&bih=694 <<<

      And in retrospect, the projection of "Sobornost" equivacates to the collectivity socially of the Russian masses as an almost irresistable dictate it seems in light of the later revolution's and even today it resurfaces in our "Now" again.

      Slavophile ---Wikipedia

      >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavophiles <<<

      And--- here is a link that I know will raise your eyebrows lol! In it are named certain names most of us know already with a history you seem very much interested in:

      The Invisible Basilica History of the Gnostic Catholic Church

      >>> http://hermetic.com/sabazius/history_egc.htm <<<

      EGC History

      >>> http://www.oto-uk.org/EGC-history.php <<<

      and for you enjoyment a couple of Maps that are pleasing and a stimulating read:

      Georgian Iberia Map --- Wikipedia

      >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Georgianiberia_andersen565.JPG <<<

      Caucasus Iberia Albania Map How did modern Albania end up 1405 miles west of where it was?

      >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Caucasus_300_map_alt_de.png <<<

      Albania means "White" and the ancient name for it was "Aeria" hmm, Aeria-- Aria - Arya, Great White Arya, (Kaiser, Czar, Caesar, Svar)

      and you know when you look at the ancient Albania on Google Earth there is almost not citys shown where it is today, but there is one named "Qabala" lol!

      Have some enjoyment, it is good for the endorfines and the brain chemistry,



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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      A few views....

      As long as one considers a Posthumous article to constitute an evidence on the authors failure - I will have to disagree. And since you seem to disagre with me on this - what can I say?

      When people seek to turn black into white and white into black - I think that I know where I stand...oms

      And I have told this more than once. I think we then just will have to agree to disagree about whether one aught to read the words by Blavatsky litterally or not - and primarily by thes use of scholarly knowledge or not - or instead primarily by the use of Akasa or not.

      And then there is the present - ordinary - scientific knowledge about the area Bibracte (even ordinary science have found a statue or statuette of the goddess of the same name - the goddess of Bibracte in Autun city - and this aught to tell us all something) - and - the knowledge of the Occultist.

      Let the ordinary scientist - reject Occultism - but as long as they have not researched and examined whether it exist or not - what kind of scientific advancement are they then promoting?

      As written in the Secret Doctrine, Vol. I., p. 640:
      Men of science will say: We deny, because nothing of the kind has ever come within the scope of our experience. But, as argued by Charles Richet, the physiologist: "So be it, but have you at least demonstrated the contrary? . . . Do not, at any rate, deny a priori. Actual Science is not sufficiently advanced to give you such right." ("La suggestion mentale et le calcul des probabilites.")

      I think I rest my case safely when I say that Occultism and the Esoteric path of the Arhat is a real thing.
      Simply, because to me, I speak out of knowledge. And let others prove me wrong i they are able to.

      M. Sufilight

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      From: Govert Schuller
      To: theos-talk@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 8:30 PM
      Subject: RE: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Morten,

      The article in question is quite straightforward in its claims. There is not much careful considering of possibilities. It just posits its claims as true with the self-assured confidence of a highly trained expert who is intimately familiar with the subject matter. You might wish she would have been more careful, but she wasn’t.

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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      A few views...
      I think we then just will have to agree to disagree about whether one aught to read the words by Blavatsky litterally or not - and primarily by the use of scholarly knowledge or not - or instead primarily by the use of Akasa or not - and - especially here how one aught to read the text in mention by Blavatsky - and whether an article being published Posthumously should be given as a valid as a proof on Blavatsky's lack of wisdom and knowledge. Maybe the article was written "looking" in Ragon's work - and with the aim of later more careful checking on the Geographical area through the use of the Clairvoyant faculties? But the article never got finished for various reasons. And similar issues.

      M. Sufilight

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      From: Govert Schuller
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      Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 12:38 AM
      Subject: RE: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Morten,

      In all humbleness, I really do not think there is much wiggle room here regarding Celtic architecture (they didn’t build amphitheatres); or about archeology (they didn’t find Roman structures in Bibracte); or about the location of Autun in relation to Bibracte (they are not at the same spot). There is more wiggle room of course in how to assess HPB’s taking over of Ragon’s mythic claims about Bibracte. To me it looks like myth-making. Maybe there are other explanations, like misreading the Akashic record.

      From: theos-talk@yahoogroups.com <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> [mailto: theos-talk@yahoogroups.com <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> ] On Behalf Of M. Sufilight
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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Govert and friends

      My views are:

      Now that you return my post attempting to refute it - I find myself in need to respond to you - although It might have been more polite on a private email.

      I think you aught to read my previous post again, and then read the words by Blavatsky just after quite by Ragon.

      Govert you write on your website (Note: some excellent photos is omitted here on the forum):
      "From what I read so far Ragon’s claims made about Bibracte are quite erroneous or, in H.P.B.’s words, “utterly incorrect”, as she qualified an other of his claims. Bibracte was a fortified hill-town and none of the grand structures, which Ragon writes about, were ever erected there. It looks like, and he is not the only one, that he confused Bibracte with the nearby town of Autun, which does have a big Roman amphitheatre, though it ‘only’ seats 17.000, and has a temple dedicated to Janus."
      "The problem here is that Autun did not exist before Caesar’s time as it was founded in Augustus’ reign replacing Bibracte as the capital of the Aedui. The other problem is that Ragon ascribes to the Celts feats of architecture and pastimes which are distinctly Roman and were quite out of reach for the more simple Celts."
      "It looks like H.P.B. was a little careless in taking over wholesale these claims by Ragon about Bibracte, even while she was aware of Ragon’s shortcomings as a historian as she warned her readers that “[h]owever learned and erudite, some of the chronological mistakes of that author are very great.”

      What has to be done is to sort out in more detail all the claims and think through the possible implications of the findings, especially addressing the question whether H.P.B. was unto something, but was incorrect in certain details, or if she was constructing her own mythic historiography by selectively appropriating Ragon’s Masonic (mis-)construals of history.

      One way or another the gap of cognitive dissonance between the Blavatskyan, emic, esoteric perception of history and the etic, scientific perception of history has to be bridged.

      Govert Schuller
      Wheaton, July, 2009"

      When you write that "The problem here is that Autun did not exist before Caesar’s time as it was founded in Augustus’ reign replacing Bibracte as the capital of the Aedui. ---- and compare this sentence with what Blavatsky said in the article in mention after the quote by Ragon - namely: "The once majestic city, Bibractis, has now become Autun" --- I think it is you who aught to listen to Blavatsky's words and not your own. - The problem about the Celts architecture forwarded by Ragon - might be true - it might not - it depends on who deep Archaeologist have excavated beneath various tons of soil - at the proper places - in the region of Bibracte (Autun). Because Bibracte was certainly inhabited farther back in time. That is at least logical to me. - So I suggest, that we do not draw too hasty - scholarly - ordinary scientific conclusion based on - a lack of reading the Akasa. Do you not think so?

      "While Sacrovir—chief of the Gauls, who revolted against Roman despotism under Tiberius, and was defeated by Silius in the year 21 of our era—was burning himself alive with his fellow conspirators on a funeral pyre before the gates of the city, as Ragon tells us, the latter was sacked and plundered, and all her treasures of literature on the Occult Sciences perished by fire. The once majestic city, Bibractis, has now become Autun, Ragon explains."

      Blavatsky said: "The once majestic city, Bibractis, has now become Autun"
      This cannot imply what you say is true - if you read what Blavatsky actually are saying.

      And besides this - the arcticle by Blavatsky was a POSTHUMOUSLY published article. So I suggest, that you consider this Govert - before you throw the Old Lady down with shcolarly conclusions and wishfukl thinking. I am saying this knowing very well, that you are well-intentioned in what you have written and in your research - just like most of the members on this forum are.
      So I would not draw such hasty - conclusions Govert. All right?

      But maybe I have overlooked something?
      I will gladly welcome another view telling me I am wrong - if it is able to document its case and not only forward assertions so to put Blavatsky down.
      After all --- We can only learn.

      Alle the above are of course only views. Written in the best friendliness of the word.

      M. Sufilight

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      Subject: RE: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Regarding the issue of Bibracte and Autun:

      Bibracte did not ‘become’ Autun by merely a change of name. Bibracte was a relatively simple, fortified Celtic village on a hill-top. Autun was a Roman town later established, 40 miles away from Bibracte, by the Romans. Ragon and HPB quite erroneously conflated the two. I tried to extract her from this error by some ingenious constructs, but failed, and had to conclude that HPB in this case was just wrong. Sorry.

      The implications of this error are as follows:

      1) HPB did not have in this case a superior understanding of history than 19th century historians or Ragon, though she claims to have the ‘dramatic goods’ on the real story of Bibracte and its esoteric relevance for the deep history of the TS.

      2) It is possible that the error might not just be an innocent slip, but a deliberate act of myth-making.

      3) If it was an act of myth-making then the meme of the Centennial Effort becomes questionable.

      Bibracte: Last Center of Celtic Occultism?

      < http://www.alpheus.org/html/articles/esoteric_history/Bibracte.htm > http://www.alpheus.org/html/articles/esoteric_history/Bibracte.htm

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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Govert and friends

      My views are:

      Thanks. Interesting reply.

      I am not sure why the authors you mentioned should be important. A number of the seem merely to be more or less ordinary scholars or almost.
      I have read info on some of the authors and also some of their books.

      Why not go for the sources mentioned by Blavatsky with regard to the 100 year cycle and cycles in general?

      You have a link to an article named "The Centennial Cycle" by David Reigle on your website about the 100 year cycle...What about it?-------
      I think by the way that Autun was called Bibicrate in the old days - so Blavatsky was not wrong at all, that is - in that sense. Bibicrate was also a Goddess bwfore the later name of the town called Autun. - Blavatsky said: "The once majestic city, Bibractis, has now become Autun" in the named article just after the quote from Ragon...So I do think your judgement is not quite fair in this regard? - I do not hope you mind me mentioning it....

      David Reigle wrote in "The Centennial Cycle" in his defence of the 100 year cycle mentioned by Blavatsky:
      "We may therefore consider again the idea that the coming
      of Tibetan Buddhism to the West was the Arhat’s attempt to
      enlighten the white barbarians for the twentieth century."

      M. Sufilight says:
      But where was the "Torch-bearer" giving irrefutable proof on the Science of Gupta-Vidya?

      No-where in David Reigles book - it seems. Unless he thinks that "that the coming
      of Tibetan Buddhism to the West" has given irrefutable proof on the Science of Gupta-Vidya.
      I think they have not. But I am open for info - if any one can show me the evidence on this.

      Maybe the programe was changed - or - no "Torch-bearer" of the mentioned kind arrived? - Or the torch-bearer was Alice A. Bailey - but she can hardly be accused of givning irrefutable proof on the Science of Gupta-Vidya either in the book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (given to be written by the Torch-bearer Alice A. Bailey (and her later disclosed Master D.K.)...)
      Each Seeker has his or her belief or asserted knowledge....But what about actual and genuine knowledge and irrefutable proof on the Science of Gupta-Vidya?

      The gathering or outpouring of new spiritual activity mentioned to take place every 100 years or so - could it - bsides humanity's karma - have something to do with the Sun-spots - and Blavatsky's words......

      H. P. Blavatsky wrote:
      " This, Science will not deny, since Astronomy knows of the fixed cycle of eleven years when the number of solar spots increases, * which is due to the contraction of the Solar HEART"
      "* Not only does it not deny the occurrence, though attributing it to a wrong cause, as always, each theory contradicting every other, (see the theories of Secchi, of Faye, and of Young), the spots depending on the superficial accumulation of vapours cooler than the photosphere (?), etc., etc., but we have men of science who astrologize upon the spots. Professor Jevons attributes all the great periodical commercial crises to the influence of the Sun spots every eleventh cyclic year. (See his "Investigations into Currency and Finance.") This is worthy of praise and encouragement surely."

      All the above are however just my views. I just wrote them so to if possible to help you and other readers.

      M. Sufilight

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      From the pov of the history of ideas applied to HPB’s Theosophy there are many sources which can be consulted, some better than others. One of the great studies is Godwin’s “The Theosophical Enlightenment.” Then we have of course the work by K Paul Johnson, Deveney, Martin Brauen, Santucci, Olaf Hammer and others in the academic realm. Then you’ll have to incorporate some findings by HPB’s skeptical biographers like Meade and Williams. And very carefully one will have to revaluate the use of the outright detractors like the Coulombs, Hodgson, Solofyoff, Coleman and plenty of others. Another source of HPB might have been the genre of Gothic literature with Bulwer-Lytton as the most important writer. Then you have to look at HPB’s precursors and contemporaries like Higgins, Kardec, A.J. Davis, and very importantly Emma Hardinge Britten.

      From: theos-talk@yahoogroups.com <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> [mailto: theos-talk@yahoogroups.com <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> <mailto:theos-talk%40yahoogroups.com> ] On Behalf Of M. Sufilight
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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Govert

      My views are:

      The below words is a different post and an extension of the post mentioned with the 11 still unfinished pages, where I compared the candidates with each other, in the name of comparative studying.

      Govert wrote:
      "I’m now more interested how that idea (and ideal) came
      historically into being, how it was disseminated and how HPB ran with it and
      presented her own version."

      M. Sufilight says:
      Interesting. Are there any info at all on this from other authors in the past?

      I found this one apparently written by you:

      A few words about the above PDF-file:
      About J. Krishnamurti I would say Successful in his world and among his followers. But he failed as Avatar (World Teacher) on a more global scale. As an ordinary "Torch-bearer", he did not give Irrefutable Proof on the science on Gupta-Vidya - more than many other contemporary teachers did. And I think this last sentence can be documented. But as I said - it depends on how people understand the term "Irrefutable Proof on the science on Gupta-Vidya". No doubt the term aught to be defined as Blavatsky did - as the science on Atma-Vidya (Gupta-Vidya or Greek Gnosis - and this is an esoteric and exoteric psychological doctrine and a philosophical one as well, also known as Occult teachings - and Secret Knowledge and more). And this implies - a proof on Atma-Vidya as a Science, not as a mere belief, as I see it, analogically on various levels of existence, - just like Blavatsky sought to give a proof on the fact that physical matter is not dead matter - and that all and everything is alive. The proof must therefore logically deal with the Science on Psychology within the Atma-Vidya science - through Altruism of the heart. Well as I see it. More documentation is sought by given the below quotes.

      In the below I have "excavated" a number (not all of them) of the relevant quotes on how Blavatsky actually defined the term Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya and Greek Gnosis - as is shown in the below quotes.) There are more info on for instance the term "Gnosis" in Blavatsky's Collected Writings. There are other terms used by Blavatsky than these...She delibarately used several terms for the same idea? - so to make it more difficult for the readers to understand - but certainly also so to awaken the intuition - as she mentioned in the beginning of the Secret Doctrine...More ordinary systematic philosophical written teachings most often merely awaken the intellect.

      I am, after the quotes, making a conclusion on why the Science of Psychology necessarily one way or the other must play a Key role in all these things...with regard to the Science of Gupta-Vidya...well as I see it.

      H. P. Blavatsky wrote:
      "Atma-Vidya," or the true Spiritual and Divine wisdom" (SD. Vol. I. p. 169)
      "And how many are capable of bringing themselves to even a superficial comprehension of Atma-Vidya (Spirit-Knowledge), or what is called by the Sufis, Rohanee! " (SD. Vol. I. p. 199)
      " Hence Esoteric philosophy passes over the necessarianism of this purely metaphysical conception, and calls the first one, only, the Ever Existing. This is the view of every one of the six great schools of Indian philosophy—the six principles of that unit body of WISDOM of which the "gnosis," the hidden knowledge, is the seventh."
      (SD. Vol. I. p. 278 - Gnosis is Gupta-Vidya as later quotes will show the readers.)

      "Gupta Vidya (secret knowledge)" (SD. Vol. I. p. 498)

      ........."and in true OCCULTISM."... "This last word is certainly misleading, translated as it stands from the compound word Gupta-Vidya, “Secret Knowledge.” But the knowledge of what? Some of the Sanskrit terms may help us."
      "ATMA-VIDYA, a term which is translated simply “knowledge of the Soul,” true Wisdom by the Orientalists, but which means far more.
      This last is the only kind of Occultism that any theosophist who admires Light on the Path, and who would be wise and unselfish, ought to strive after."
      "All the others may be mastered and results obtained, whether good, bad, or indifferent; but Atma-Vidya sets small value on them. It includes them all and may even use them occasionally, but it does so after purifying them of their dross, for beneficent purposes, and taking care to deprive them of every element of selfish motive. Let us explain: any man or woman can set himself or herself to study one or all of the above specified “Occult Arts” without any great previous preparation, and even without adopting any too restraining mode of life. One could even dispense with any lofty standard of morality. In the last case, of course, ten to one the student would blossom into a very decent kind of sorcerer, and tumble down headlong into black magic."
      "For we say it again, hypnotism and vivisection as practised in such schools, are Sorcery pure and simple, minus a knowledge that the Voodoos and Dugpas enjoy, and which no Charcot-Richet can procure for himself in fifty years of hard study and experimental observation. Let then those who will dabble in magic, whether they understand its nature or not, but who find the rules imposed upon students too hard, and who, therefore, lay Atma-Vidya or Occultism aside—go without it."
      .......and directly leading to.......
      "Let them know at once and remember always, that true Occultism or Theosophy is the “Great Renunciation of SELF,” unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action. It is ALTRUISM, and it throws him who practises it out of calculation of the ranks of the living altogether. “Not for himself, but for the world, he lives,” as soon as he has pledged himself to the work. Much is forgiven during the first years of probation. But, no sooner is he “accepted” than his personality must disappear, and he has to become a mere beneficent force in Nature."
      "This is the Gate of the Occult arts, practised for selfish motives and in the absence of the restraining and beneficent influence of ATMA-VIDYA. We are in the Kali Yuga and its fatal influence is a thousand-fold more powerful in the West than it is in the East; hence the easy preys made by the Powers of the Age of Darkness in this cyclic struggle, and the many delusions under which the world is now labouring. "

      "It is written in an old book of occult studies:
      “Gupta-Vidyâ (Secret Science) is an attractive sea, but stormy and full of rocks. The navigator who risks himself thereon, if he be not wise and full of experience,* will be swallowed up, wrecked upon one of the thousand submerged reefs. "
      " The gnosis preceded that era, for it was the direct continuation of the Gupta-Vidyâ (“secret knowledge” or “knowledge of Brahman”) of ancient India, transmitted through Egypt; just as the theurgy of the Philaletheians was the continuation of the Egyptian mysteries. In any case, the point from which this diabolic magic starts, is the Supreme Divinity; its end and final goal, the union of the divine spark which animates man with the parent-flame which is the Divine All."
      "We are accused of mystery, and we are reproached with making a secret of the higher Theosophy. We confess that the doctrine which we call gupta-vidyâ (secret science) is only for the few. But who were the masters in ancient times who did not keep their teachings secret, for fear they would be profaned?"
      "That Gnosis represents the aggregate of all the sciences, the accumulated knowledge [savoir] of all the gods and demi-gods incarnated in former times upon the earth. There are some who would like to see in these the fallen angels and the enemy of mankind; those sons of God who, seeing that the daughters of men were fair, took them for wives and imparted to them all the secrets of heaven and earth. Let them do so. We believe in Avatâras and in divine dynasties, in an epoch when there were in fact “giants upon the earth,” but we emphatically repudiate the idea of “fallen angels” and of Satan and his army.
      “What then is your religion or your belief?” we are asked. “What is your favourite study?”

      “TRUTH,” we reply. Truth wherever we find it; for, like Ammonius Saccas, our great ambition would be to reconcile the different religious systems, to help each one to find the truth in his own religion, while obliging him to recognize it in that of his neighbour. What matters the name if the thing itself is essentially the same?"
      "Theosophy being the way that leads to Truth, in every religion as in every science, occultism is, so to say, the touchstone and universal solvent."
      "In the T.S. every Fellow is at liberty to study what he pleases, provided he does not venture into unknown paths which would of a certainty lead him to black magic, the sorcery against which Éliphas Lévi so openly warned the public. The occult sciences are dangerous for him who understands them imperfectly. Anyone who gave himself to their practice ALONE would run the risk of becoming insane and those who study them would do well to unite in small groups of from three to seven. These groups ought to be of uneven numbers in order to have more power; a group, however little cohesion it may possess, forming a single united body, wherein the senses and perceptions of the single units complement and mutually help each other, one member supplying to another the quality in which he is wanting—such a group will always end by becoming a perfect and invincible body. “Union is strength.” " -------------- !!!!!!!!
      "* The meaning of the word Vidyâ can only be rendered by the Greek term gnosis, the knowledge of hidden and spiritual things; or again, the knowledge of Brahma, that is to say, of the God that contains all the gods. " (Uppercase added on the word "alone" in the above by M. Sufilight.)

      "But the Upanishads and the Kabbalah require for their complete understanding a key, and the latter can be found only in the hands of the “initiated” Adepts of the Gupta-Vidyâ, the secret science, i.e., the authors of the books on the Vedânta.*"
      "* As a proof of the fact that it is precisely in the Upanishads that we have to look for the source of all the succeeding systems of philosophy of Asia Minor and Europe."......."The great teachers of this highest knowledge are not Brahmans but Kshatriyas, and Brahmans are continually represented as going to the great Kshatriya kings (especially Janaka of Videha), to become their pupils"
      (Ie. Buddhism, Vedanta, Krishna-religions, etc. etc. all have their origin from the Upanishads one way or the other..:! Even so the Upanishads are not the oldest system and the present versions needs a key to be understood completely.)

      "As a name, Gnosticism is derived from the Greek gnosis (, “knowledge,” more specifically spiritual knowledge or esoteric wisdom, a knowledge not attainable by ordinary intellectual processes, and only to be gained by mystical enlightenment or the awakening of the Buddhic elements in man."
      (---elsewhere by Blavatsky also: "True Christianity, died with the Gnosis.")


      M. Sufilight says:
      Now the last quote in the below is very interesting - to me - and contain some of the main the views and aims I am constantly seeking to get across, ...with regard to any "Torch-bearer" teachings on the Science (not belief) on Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya or Greek Gnosis, see quotes in the above...) And I seek to do this from my heart, well-meaningly, seeking to help us all....although my use of words and choice of words might be problematic to some from time to time....perhaps mostly those who are intolerant in their altruism. Esoteric Psychology from the heart - also self-consciousness of the heart - in a sense a doctrine on Transpersonal Psychology of the heart, if I may use such an expression, and similar ones. As said in the below - prejudice - has to be removed.

      "Useless to say that we decline the compromise. It is quite possible––nay, probable and almost unavoidable––that “the mistakes made” in the rendering of such abstruse metaphysical tenets as those contained in Eastern Occultism, should be “frequent and often important.” But then all such have to be traced back to the interpreters, not to the system itself. They have to be corrected on the authority of the same Doctrine, checked by the teachings grown on the rich and steady soil of Gupta Vidya, not by the speculations that blossom forth today, to die tomorrow––on the shifting sands of modern scientific guesswork, especially in all that relates to psychology and mental phenomena. Holding to our motto, “There is no religion higher than truth,” we refuse most decidedly to pander to physical science. Yet, we may say this: If the so-called exact sciences limited their activity only to the physical realm of nature; if they concerned themselves strictly with surgery, chemistry––up to its legitimate boundaries, and with physiology so far as the latter relates to the structure of our corporeal frame, then the Occultists would be the first to seek help in modern sciences, however many their blunders and mistakes. But once that overstepping material Nature the physiologists of the modern “animalistic”* school pretend to meddle with, and deliver ex cathedra dicta on, the higher functions and phenomena of the mind, saying that a careful analysis brings them to a firm conviction that no more than the animal is man a free agent, far less a responsible one––then the Occultist has a far greater right than the average modern “Idealist” to protest. And the Occultist asserts that no materialist––a prejudiced and one-sided witness at best––can claim any authority in the question of mental physiology, or that which is now called by him the physiology of the soul. No such noun can be applied to the word “soul,” unless, indeed, by soul only the lower, psychic mind is meant, or that which develops in man (proportionally with the perfection of his brain) into intellect, and in the animal into a higher instinct. But since the great Charles Darwin taught that “our ideas are animal motions of the organ of sense” everything becomes possible to the modern physiologist.
      Thus, to the great distress of our scientifically inclined Fellows, it is once more Lucifer’s duty to show how far we are at loggerheads with exact science, or shall we say, how far the conclusions of that science are drifting away from truth and fact. By “science” we mean, of course, the majority of the men of science; the best minority, we are happy to say, is on our side, at least as far as free will in man and the immateriality of the mind are concerned. The study of the “Physiology” of the Soul, of the Will in man and of his higher Consciousness from the standpoint of genius and its manifesting faculties, can never be summarized into a system of general ideas represented by brief formulae; no more than the psychology of material nature can have its manifold mysteries solved by the mere analysis of its physical phenomena. There is no special organ of will, any more than there is a physical basis for the activities of self-consciousness."

      "But if the question is further pressed as to the physical basis for the activities of self-consciousness, no answer can be given or even suggested. From its very nature, that marvelous verifying actus of mind in which it recognizes itself as the subject of its own states, and also recognizes the states as its own, can have no analogous or corresponding material substratum. It is impossible to specify any physiological process representing this unifying actus; it is even impossible to imagine how the description of any such process could be brought into intelligible relation with this unique mental power.*

      Thus, the whole conclave of psycho-physiologists may be challenged to correctly define Consciousness, and they are sure to fail because Self-consciousness belongs alone to man and proceeds from the SELF, the higher Manas. Only, whereas the psychic element (or Kama-manas)† is common to both the animal and the human being––the far higher degree of its development in the latter resting merely on the great perfection and sensitiveness of his cerebral cells––no physiologist, not even the cleverest, will ever be able to solve the mystery of the human mind, in its highest spiritual manifestation, or in its dual aspect of the psychic and the noëtic (or the manasic),‡ or even to comprehend the intricacies of the former on the purely material plane––unless he knows something of, and is prepared to admit the presence of this dual element. This means that he would have to admit a lower (animal), and a higher (or divine) mind in man, or what is known in Occultism as the “personal” and the “impersonal” Egos. For, between the psychic and the noëtic, between the Personality and the Individuality, there exists the same abyss as between a “Jack the Ripper,” and a holy Buddha. Unless the physiologist accepts all this, we say, he will ever be led into a quagmire. We intend to prove it."

      M. Sufilight says:
      The above was written in 1890, when the old lady probably knew she was not going to live many days more - This is among the strongest indications or clear presentations by Blavatsky on that the Science on Psychology - necessarily will have to be dealt with when learning about the Science of Gupta-Vidya !!! - Esoteric Psychology primarily of course. Not without understand basic exoteric psychological knowledge of today - how can one claim real Knowledge of Esoteric Psychology?)

      Therefore, as I see it, one could easily be lead to call the Science (not belief) of Atma-Vidya (Gupta-Vidya) - secret knowledge on Altruism - or - better the Science (not belief) on Heartflow-Psychology of the Self (Atma) to use a more down to earth expression, which perhaps i more easily understood. And this last term is based on all the above quotes.- The Science of Gupta-Vidya is as Blavatsky said "the awakening of the Buddhic elements in man". (Se quote in the above.) - And this is an important statement ! ---- Because as I understand it - and I am not alone in this - the awakening of the Buddhic element - and the proof of its existence - can only occur through a psychological change in individual - through the heart of compassion and altruism, and knowledge of the science of Psychology - esoterical and exoterical. And the Science of Psychology is the cornerstone in proving this --- primarily in the esoterical sense of course. (Also: "But as the Gnosis is the Science pertaining to our Higher Self, as blind faith is a matter of temperament and emotionalism" BCW. Vol. XIV, p. 304) ---- It has been proven in many instances - that among the use of written material - Zen Koans, fairytales, short stories, proverbs, fables, or as in Blavatsky Secret Doctrine - myths and legends - are far better instruments in provoking the theosophical exoerience in the Seeker - or what we call the awakening of the Buddhic Element in man - Atma-Vidya. Mere intellecutalizing of the whole affair is only a premilinary step - as well as psychological knowledge - self-consciousness. Yet, even so there are many varied methods - which can be used, and combinations of allegories and systematic teachings can also be helpful..

      I wrote it so that you, Govert and others might be able to find it useful - in giving an even better evaluating J. Krishnamurti's role with regard to Gupta-Vidya teachings. And perhaps one from the above quotes will understand that J. Krishnamurti's solitude path is not - quite adequate enough. But again all the above in this post - are of course just my humble views - and I will gladly welcome - something that can improve it - also while showing me wrong in my views.

      All wrong-doing arises because of mind.
      If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?
      - The Buddha

      M. Sufilight
      (True love has no limits.And is always tolerant.)

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      Dear Morten,

      Thanks for your relative short answer. 8^)

      Your thoughts are your own here and I’m not in the position, time-wise, to
      debate them.

      I did develop some criteria by which to recognize either the torch-bearer
      and/or the 20th century effort and evaluated different candidates according
      to the criteria. Will share that later.

      At this moment I’m not looking for any irrefutable proof for the, or a,
      Gupta-Vidya. I’m now more interested how that idea (and ideal) came
      historically into being, how it was disseminated and how HPB ran with it and
      presented her own version.



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      Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Govert anf friends

      My views are:

      I am a bit late with a reply...at least more than usual...

      I am contemplating an longer answer than this one as we speak. I have
      written 11 pages answering your a, b and c, but I have cut it short in the
      below. It takes some time to reach a clear conclusion - there are so many
      angles to consider you know - and also because I am in a learning proces.
      I think views differ on who fits the bill best with regard to the so-called
      "Torch-bearer" title mentioned by Blavatsky in her book the Secret Doctrine,
      vol. I, p. xxxviii.

      The likely candidates are among the most often mentioned the following:
      Whether it was J. Krishnamurti (d. 1986), Alice A. Bailey (d. 1949), S.
      Subramania Iyer (d. 1924) and his Avatar.
      Ananda Tara Shan (claimed to be Blavatsky re-incarnated...I doubt it.) (d.
      2002), Sathya Sai Baba (d. 2011) or another possible candidate (just name
      one and I will add the person) ...will as a minimum have to be compared
      before we reach a more clear picture on this...Well as I see it.

      First. With regard to the "Torch-Bearer" idea - the main focus is, as I see
      it, to always keep in mind that Altruism is the core of the matter here, And
      that Altruism, as I see it for logical reasons, never will succeed in being
      promoted without a Psychological Change - ie. Psychological Knowledge - and
      therefore also awareness about the Science on Psychology (exoteric and
      esoteric) and the Science Subtle Mind Control - especially within religions
      - ie. taking into account whether one promotes a sectarian or non-sectarian
      doctrine - for instance a doctrine about a "Torch-bearer". Both are Sciences
      - not beliefs. And this is also important. --- So I am not about to seek to
      promote one or another Guru for the readers in this post - using ann
      approach which is not taking the Science of Subtle Mind Control into account
      - when answering your interesting post Govert. It think thís is important to

      And because of this - the angle - used to approach the issue discussed -
      "Torch-bearer" or Maitreya or not - one aught therefore as I see it - to
      take the Science of Subtle Mind Control into account - and - avoid the risk
      of promoting one of the usual personality cults which - perhaps -could be
      emanating from such an exchange like the present one we have. Because it
      must also be true - that each individuals view about the issue - certainly
      might differ because of their own level of being Subtly Mind Controlled ---
      or not. And since it is subtle - each of us - might be victim of it without
      actually being aware of it. So I will keep these preliminary points into
      account when we I proceed. I will mentioned and name some of the Authors on
      the Science of Subtle Mind Control within ordinary science and spiritual
      science when asked about.

      My humble conclusion is - that all the above mentioned Candidates - did a
      poor job on the explaining the Science of Subtle Mind Control. But maybe
      that was not their task - karmically speaking - who actually knows?
      Almost none of the above candidates gave the Irrefutable proof on the
      science called Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya). Perhaps Sai Baba fits the bill
      better than any other candidate. But then again - either he was the greatest
      conman in the last century or else he was the greatest Occulist - with
      regard to be showing signs on Extra Sensory Preseption. Most people would
      oppose this. I would not say that J. Krishnamurti taught more than Sai Baba
      on the science of Atma-Vidya - and - others in the Alice A. Bailey camp
      would claim that Alice A. Bailey did so - despite some of us find this view

      --- Union is Strength or Solitude is Strength - that is a vital question?
      And J. Krishnamurti was, as I see it, more or less clumsy in teaching the
      doctrine forwarded by Blavatsky on why the TS was founded: Union is Strength
      when one promote altruism (!!!) He seemed to have taught - Solitude is
      strength instead, (An odd doctrine to promote by an alleged World Teacher of
      the Age. - Any comments?). - The actual truth is - BOTH - extrovert and
      introvert is strength. Simple logic tells us this. One could say that the TS
      for various reasons - being non-sectarian and all - to a certain extend
      omitted that part of the equation called solitude. J. Krishnamurti omitted
      the idea that Union is strength. - Guru's are crutches and similar oneliners
      coming from his mouth. - But I give the Theosophical Society the upper hand
      here - because it was also said, that not all belong as members of the
      Society, and, that, altruism sometimes is best promoted in solitude. And on
      top of that this was only mentioned by some members of the Theosophical
      Society, which ORIGINALLY was an Absolutely Non-sectarian Society - with no
      Solitude Guru - who reject all other Guru's or crutches but his own voice -
      or at least was so clumsy as to give the expression that this was his
      message. And that all spiritual organisations in fact was more or less no
      good - mere sects and all. - And then afterwards he went and created hos -
      own - so to speak Sectarian - Childrens Schools with the other hand - just
      to in his last years of his life to end up in a trial with his best friend
      Rajagopal - on rather trivial matters - compared to a geuine Avatar -
      consciousness - or even that of a Master.

      But what is it to give Irrefutable proof on Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya)???
      I think when this is agreed upon - some of the above mentioned candidates
      will vanish - if not all of them. And your questions a, b, and c - will be
      more easy to answer.
      And Blavatsky did not say that the "Torch-bearer" inevitably would arrive,
      (See Sd. Vol. I, p. xxxviii).
      So what is the answer among the readers - and - you Govert on Gupta-Vidya
      and what is "Irrefutable proof", in what sense is it to be understood?

      M. Sufilight

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      Subject: RE: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

      Dear Morton,

      Thanks for your long reply. I'll try to be brief. Keep in mind that the big
      questions in this matter are a) whether the project/program with K was
      genuine or not, b) whether it was successful or not (with the c<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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