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5046Re: HPB, the Masters, and drugs.

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  • bri_mue
    Feb 3, 2002
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      Adelasie: Where may we find statements by HPB to the effect that she
      and the Masters used "botanical substances?"

      Olcott himself clearly states that when it rained
      inside his apartment, etc., there were herbs being
      burned by his two purpoerted "adepts", visitors.

      Many serious Theosophical historians like for example Patrick
      Deveney and Joscelyn Godwin will confirm that Blavatsky took drugs.

      For example John Patrick Deveney writes in "Theosophical History
      Occasional Papers" Vol.VI (published by James Santucci);
      "H.P.B.'s use of hashish in the New York days is well attested
      though the subject is ussually dismissed as an idiosyncrasy rather
      then seriously discussed.- It is perhaps to the use of such drugs by
      Theosophists (or at least H.P.B.) that Emma Hardings Britten is
      referring in "Art Magic" when she condemns "all the hazy
      metaphysicians that have essayed to found new sects, on the basis of
      tobacco,hasheesh, and opium visions."

      J.Godwin in "The Theosophical Enlightenment" ads to that; "Hashish
      was tipically used with the intention of communicating with angels
      using a magic mirror , and magnetists used it to enhance the
      perceptions of their somnambulists" (mediums)


      --- In theos-talk@y..., "adelasie" <adelasie@s...> wrote:
      > Dear Steve,
      > Would you be so kind as to supply us with some additonal
      > information?
      > > (2) the WB was a real organization, based on northern
      > > India which may or may not still exist,
      > >
      > What does "WB" stand for?
      > >
      > > (5) HPB did in fact use botanical substances, as she
      > > said herself, and her masters did as well, as she
      > > says, and Olcott's Ootan Liatto experience is
      > > explicable in terms of herbs burned by Ootan Liatto
      > > and his companion in Olcott's presence,
      > Where may we find statements by HPB to the effect that she and
      > the Masters used "botanical substances?"
      > Thank you,
      > Adelasie
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