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5042Re: Theos-World COMPARING & CONTRASTING Some of the Different Interpretations about the Masters

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  • adelasie
    Feb 2, 2002
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      Dear Steve,

      Would you be so kind as to supply us with some additonal

      > (2) the WB was a real organization, based on northern
      > India which may or may not still exist,
      What does "WB" stand for?
      > (5) HPB did in fact use botanical substances, as she
      > said herself, and her masters did as well, as she
      > says, and Olcott's Ootan Liatto experience is
      > explicable in terms of herbs burned by Ootan Liatto
      > and his companion in Olcott's presence,

      Where may we find statements by HPB to the effect that she and
      the Masters used "botanical substances?"

      Thank you,
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