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34072The Coulomb Case by Michael Gomes

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  • danielhcaldwell
    Jun 9, 2006
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      The Coulomb Case
      by Michael Gomes

      vi + 73 pages ISBN 1-883279-10-0 (2005).

      The one event that was to leave a permanent stain upon the
      reputations of the Theosophical Society and of H.P. Blavatsky was
      the publication of an exposé in The Madras Christian College
      Magazine (September and October 1884) claiming fraud of the most
      serious proportion allegedly perpetrated by Madame Blavatsky. This
      publication brought into question the very existence of Blavatsky's
      Masters and the letters that they supposedly wrote to such
      individuals as A.P. Sinnett and A.O. Hume.

      This book recounts the story of Emma Coulomb's charge that Blavatsky
      faked the Mahatma letters; it also chronicles the investigation by
      the S.P.R. of the Theosophical Society's and Blavatsky's claims of
      communication with the Masters through its representative, Richard
      Hodgson. Original documents are reproduced to shed more light on
      this episode.

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