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28877Re: Weekly Review: Starless Galaxy Said Found

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  • leonmaurer@aol.com
    Dec 9, 2005
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      Sorry for this long overdue response -- since I am still culling through all
      the unfinished letters left behind since the end of last year when my mailbox
      started filling at the rate of about 50 e-mail's per day... And the pileup of
      partially finished answers waiting to be sent began to accumulate
      accordingly... Not to mention that in the past 6 months I've been in and out of hospitals,
      first with Legionella pneumonia in NY -- which I barely survived... And
      then, after going to Florida to recuperate, spending another four weeks in a
      hospital being mended and recovering from a serious auto accident. I'm still under
      rehab therapy for lots of fractures and debilitated musculature, and doubt if
      I'll ever get back to my 5 floor walkup in NYC.:-( However, since my
      landlord had offered to buy out my rent stabilized lease, I may take him up on it
      and move permanently to Florida -- where most of my supportive family lives. At
      my advanced age, living alone and partially disavbled, it might be the wise
      thing to do.


      In a message dated 03/04/05 10:40:16 AM, GregLaGana writes:

      >Lenny - I think I'm starting to get an inkling of a picture of what you
      >are talking about with this "ABC" theory of yours. However, I must say
      >that if this is supposed to be the simplified explanation, I'd hate to
      >see the complicated one.

      Try reading the *Secret Doctrine* by H. P. Blavatsky which covers the same
      stuff in 1600+ pages of much greater density. (Incidentally, that took me
      over ten years to wade through, plus another ten of meditating on it, to get a
      more or less clear indication of the most likely true nature of fundamental
      reality. :-)

      >Visually, the sheer number of words, as well as the specialized references
      > you make (M-brane/String theory, "Spinergy," etc.) you use in describing
      >this just appears dense -- almost impenetrable. But as I was reading it
      >and thinking that -- i.e.. the way the words appeared visually on the page,
      >I began wondering if this could be made into some kind of animated cartoon
      >story -- perhaps narrated -- sort of like Brian Green's "Elegant Universe"
      >program on PBS.
      >Or maybe I'm just being dense & lazy myself here.
      >Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I will keep trying to unfold it in my
      >own consciousness.
      >Regards, Greg

      Hi Greg,

      You're right. The stuff I sent was pretty dense. Actually, it was written
      for scientific forums, composed mostly of working scientists who have been
      trying to pluck my theory apart for years :-). The problem is the many
      different areas of science that this theory covers and tries to bring together into
      one coherent system that reflects what I think is the true nature of
      multidimensional reality. Also, to add to the complexity as well as the difficulty of
      explanation, it includes consciousness -- which science fails to consider as
      being both fundamental and as important as matter in the overall scheme of
      things. For example, in my ABC view, everything (forms of matter) in the
      universe, whether in any of the seven fold fields of hyperspace or configuration
      space (our 3-D metric space-time continuum) -- is conscious -- in one degree of
      complexity of expression or another.

      The main problem is that ABC is actually a complete, philosophically sound,
      scientific theory of everything (although not "falsifiable" according to the
      rules of the "scientific method""). To cover it thoroughly would require at
      least a 100+ page tome to be written for each scientific discipline. Although
      I have a completely clear and scientifically consistent picture of it all in
      my mind -- it would also take enormous amounts of research to correlate all the
      twists and turns of this theory and correlate them with the professional
      literature of each discipline. I don't think I have enough time left to do that
      all by myself.:-)

      Thus, my attempt to wake up the scientific workers on the leading edge of
      string and quantum field theories and their mathematics, as well as those in the
      mind-brain science -- to look at the primal beginning from a new point of view
      that links matter-energy to consciousness (awareness, will, mind, memory,
      etc.) right from the get go. Is it any wonder, then, why my explanations become
      more or less dense for the casual reader? :-)

      Actually, in the ABC view, which parallels the theosophical one, both
      consciousness and matter are simply two sides of the same coin... With consciousness
      (awareness-will) being the inherent nature of the zero-point of absolute space
      at the primal beginning (which is everywhere), and matter being the
      mass-energy resulting from the abstract nonlinear spin or angular momentum (G-force or
      Spinergy) of that point.

      This spinning point ultimately emanates linearly as a single ray of space in
      motion, weaves its triune spherical form, and fractally involves like bubbles
      within bubbles within bubbles, etc., at descending phase orders of
      frequency/energy, from near zero to near infinite. Thus, the first universal form is a
      spherical monad of twin inner fields within a surrounding field that further
      involves analogously into an octaval series of seven fold fields within fields
      within fields, ad infinitum. Thus, all these fields are coadunate but not
      consubstantial, as they descend from one spatial dimension to another.

      When this macrocosmic triune monadic field involves further, and ultimately,
      after its formation of the physical plane continues to evolve into sentient
      beings, it eventually reflects itself in the human monad -- which is the basic
      model of all intra and interconnected fields of spirit, mind and matter (that
      conventional physics, being based on materialism, sees only as particles linked
      together with fundamental forces that they can only explain mathematically
      and test empirically). Unfortunately, by limiting their epistemological
      empiricism to what can only be measured or observed by instruments composed of the
      same level of substantial forms and energetic fields they are measuring or
      observing, they completely miss the boat in consistently explaining the entire
      subjective inner and objective outer nature of the Universe and linking them
      together as two sides of a single coin.

      As for the ABC theory... It's simply a deductively reasonable geometric and
      topologically consistent attempt to correlate all the complexities of
      theosophical metaphysics, which coherently explains everything from universal origin
      and cosmogenesis to mankind and its anthropogenesis... By consolidated it into
      one scientific paradigm -- that, while consistent with all currently proven
      quantum and relativity theories as well as the superstring theories that
      consolidate their incompatibility (i.e. neither able to commonly explain gravity,
      the cause of consciousness, the binding of brain to mind, or come up with a
      Unified Field Theory, etc.) -- also encompasses the ideas of a "holographic
      paradigm" proposed by David Bohm and Karl Pribram... i.e., The universe is an
      entirely holographic system with both implicate and explicate orders comparable to
      the matter-spirit duality of theosophical metaphysics... That ultimately
      resolves -- analogously and correspondingly on all the manifest metaphysical and
      physical planes or levels, as it descends from one frequency-energy field phase
      order to another -- into a trinity of matter, mind, and consciousness... With
      all of it based on one fundamental law of cycles and periodicity inherent in
      the original spin of the primal zero-point (or "singularity") of Cosmic
      Origin... As well as reflected in each zero-point, spread out everywhere throughout
      all phases of multidimensional space, and individually located at both the pole
      junctures between and at the centers of every coadunate but not consubstantial
      spherical field of consciousness within every analogous hyperspace and
      physical space dimensionality. (See field diagrams below)

      Well, that's about as simple as I can get it. With carefully focussed
      thought, it is also simple (with practice) to visualize all this, symbolically, in
      cross section as 2-d and 3-d transparent images in the mind. (Forgive the
      long diatribe in answer to your simple question, but each time I write about
      this theoretical model helps me clarify it in my mind a bit further, and I become
      fascinated in trying to picture its multidimensionality in words alone.

      In any event, I hope this outline might clarify things a bit further and that
      your "inkling" results in a deeper understanding. It might help also to see
      the diagrams I've posted on the web and try to comprehend how they
      symbolically relate to the word pictures above, as well as to my ABC site** that
      attempts to explain the fundamental basis of ABC, the rationale behind it, and its
      relationship to visual perception in more or less greater detail.

      ** http://www.tellworld.com/Astro.Biological.Coenergetics

      I've also been thinking of an animated version of the theoretical model that
      would make it much simpler to understand. Interesting that you refer to
      Brian Greene's Nova series -- since Superstring/M-brane theory is the closest that
      science and mathematics has come to explaining the material side of the ABC
      theory. However, without the connection of their "hyperspace" fields and
      their "strings" and "membranes" with awareness and will at the zero-point, they
      have no way of explaining how perceptive consciousness, from sensory imagery,
      through imaginative imagery, to dream imagery, actually works, and how these
      internal images link up with the kinesthetic body model that allows a baseball
      fielder to catch a fly ball on the run.

      From the standpoint of ABC, however, it's as simple as abc. :-)

      This model explains such subjective or inner perceived "things" as being
      encoded "information" in the form of holographic image interference patterns --
      carried on the surfaces of the interpenetrating hyperspace fields -- that are
      reconstructed holographically by a coherent ray of inner or astral light
      projected from the zero-point centers of awareness-will on the astral field level of
      mind and memory... Empowered by our self directed intent originating in the
      zero-point of individual global awareness on the spiritual level.

      These encoded sensory images are transformed from one field level to another
      by electrical inductive resonance processes, starting with the image-encoded
      and modulated magnetic field produced by the brain. Also, it's obvious that
      the brain's visual cortex field is integrally linked by such processes to the
      kinesthetic cortex field that controls the positions of the body. But all
      that will have to wait for a full explanation until I get the commission to
      produce the ABC computer graphics version of the "Super Elegant Conscious Universe,
      or "How IT ALL Began." (Although, I could explain the entire process in
      exquisite detail with written descriptions of equivalent density or

      But, unfortunately, Astro Biological Coenergetics isn't a recognized
      scientific discipline like String physics. If I had a Ph.D. in any scientific
      discipline, I could write a peer reviewed book on ABC as a new paradigm of physics
      -- which includes consciousness... And, with it, maybe get a sponsored series
      on Nova.:-)

      Other than that remote possibility, I'll just have to wait for a movie
      producer/financier who thinks I might have something worthwhile and interesting to
      say, and can help raise enough money to say it on film. My early work in
      motion pictures as a pioneer in 3-D computer animation, motion capture, and
      digital special effects during the late 70's and early 80's, and prior to that
      producing theatrical quality fully animated films with my patented auto animation
      processes, would certainly help in creating the multidimensional computer
      animated visualizations I already have in mind.

      So, thanks or your interest. Let me know if there is anything more you want
      to know about ABC, or if you have any specific questions. I'm still trying to
      simplify it further -- at least from a visual graphic point of view that I
      can explain in words to artists and writers. :-)

      Best regards,


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