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2297Dallas' excellent recommendation: "Get a copy of the documents referred to. "

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    Aug 11, 2001
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      SUBJECT: Dallas' excellent recommendation: "Get a
      copy of the documents referred to."

      Dallas, in your recent public email to Dennis Kier
      about the book THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT, you write:

      ". . . Unless we pursue those to their SOURCES, we
      will still have only unfounded opinions, and be no
      further ahead. So my recommendation is to do what all
      sincere students of History do: Get a copy of the
      documents referred to. Read and compare. Nothing can
      be decided by adding one more opinion to the heap.

      "If this is done, then each reader can form his own
      estimate of their respective worth. What could be
      fairer ?

      "As I see it, our job is to present to the reader and
      researcher the sources used to frame an opinion. Let
      the reader independently arrive at their own
      conclusions. . . ."

      Dallas, are you willing to help Dennis and other
      interested individuals obtain copies of some of these
      various documents? I think this is a very good
      suggestion and should be implemented. Actually the
      documents could be posted for all interested persons
      on the various theosophical discussion forums as well
      as,possibly, on some website.

      But there are other documents NOT mentioned or cited
      in the two editions of THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT which
      throw further light on the subjects discussed. These
      also should be made available to all readers, students
      and researchers so that they can "independently arrive
      at their own conclusions."

      For example, I am told that one well-known ULT
      associate has unpublished letters and documents that
      would throw more light on why Robert Crosbie left the
      Point Loma TS in 1904. Will you work at trying to
      obtain copies of these documents and make them public
      so that the issues that you and Frank R. have been
      debating could possibly be resolved or at least better
      understood? I can give you this associate's name so
      you can write to him.

      I hope all of us including you will follow up on this
      excellent suggestion that you have given Dennis.


      Daniel H. Caldwell
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