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1939Re: Theos-World Dzyan Esoteric Section, Robert Crosbie & Kather

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  • gregory@zeta.org.au
    Jul 16, 2001
      David: Thanks for the useful source of information. The work on secret
      societies in the Theosophical movement is yet to be completed. John
      Cooper and I were working on it at the time of his death. I am now hoping
      to complete it in collaboration with Dr Brendan French who recently
      received his PhD from the University of Sydney (where John and I
      completed ours) with a very substantial (2 volume, 800+ page) thesis on
      "The Theosophical Masters. An Investigation into the Conceptual Domains
      of H.P. Blavatsky and C.W. Leadbeater". This is, as the majority of the
      examiners noted, the most significant study of Blavatsky's concept of the
      Masters (and, indeed, of the concept of the Masters generally) ever
      written. Just when this will be completed, I do not know. We have lots of
      material, but not lots of time!

      Dr Gregory Tillett