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1893Re: Theos-World ULT Mysteries

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  • Frank Reitemeyer
    Jul 13, 2001
      >I would however observe that "anonymity" is not a crime, and in
      >this case was deliberately adopted by the U.L.T. as a basis for
      >impersonalizing all its work and directing attention to the main
      >OF THE original teachings of THEOSOPHY.

      Dallas, curiously enough, what you decribe here as the reasons why Robert
      Crosbie left the Headquarters by free will (according to ULT history) is on
      the contrary exactly the same reason why Robert Crosbie was ejected
      ((according to Point Loma history).

      >I may also add that I have personally reviewed and checked almost
      >all of the references used in the 2 books mentioned [ THE
      >THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT -- 1875 - 1950 ] and have been able to
      >trace their sources or have seen, read or have actual copies of
      >the relevant items.

      The problem with that book is not with that what is in, but with that what
      was left out.
      Some say the kind how facts are selected give the reader a misleading
      imagination about what happened.
      This books gives me impression that self-righteousness is better than
      In the worst case one could say a fanatical sect under self hypnotization is
      faking the facts to make themselves always looking good. I have seen this
      sheme in all the splinter groups (Hartmann, Temple, I Am,
      All they claims to be the better ones. Perhaps that's a needing paradigma
      for them to survive.
      The same experiments I have made with Communists. They are always eager to
      quote from Karl Marx, no matter what facts you present from the real world,
      they have always a quote from Marx that it is not so.
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