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1878RE: Theos-World ULT Mysteries

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  • gregory@zeta.org.au
    Jul 12, 2001
      THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT, as interesting as it is (in both significantly
      different editions), cannot be described as a "documentary history".
      There is no documentation of most of the sources, for example. It is
      written entirely on the basis of the ULT position: nothing wrong with
      that so long as it's clear that this is the perspective of the author,
      but it hardly equates with "documentary history" (any more than, say,
      Josephine Ransom's history does, or Joy Mill's recent history of
      (essentially the Adyar) Theosophical movement in America, which manages
      to omit substantial amounts of history, presumably because Adyar would
      prefer not to recall them). It is difficult to know how any work without
      a named author or authors can expect to be taken seriously, although in
      the case of THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT, the publisher's identity discloses
      its perspective. One might wonder, of course, why there is no reference
      in that work to the DES.

      Dr Gregory Tillett
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